Wednesday, March 13

Shooting in Herkimer

Sleepy little upstate New York rarely gets any mention in the news, unless we're being laughed at or a jab is being made at these beautiful foothills of the Adirondack Mountains where most industry has left for overseas and high taxes take on a whole new meaning.
This morning I had a rare time out with only Benjamin, thrifting summer clothes for the kiddos, and it wasn't till I returned home that I saw that a local such sleepy town had been victimized by a gunman. That a friend's father had been shot, that my children's friends were on lockdown inside their schools and everyones life over a few hills fifteen minutes from our little homestead had come screaching to a halt.  Frantic posts from parents not being able to get to their children filled facebook.  I called my dad who works near where the shootings took place to make sure he wasn't caught up in the middle of it, thrilled to hear he wasn't, people in the building where he works locked away inside a vault.  This afternoon friend's facebook pics are of snipers on rooftops and a line of media down a has-been Main St. where as a little girl Woolworths was my favorite stop.
Pray for this little community of Herkimer County, won't you, my friends?  This world so desperately needs the love of Jesus radiating through you and me.


Blondee said...

We aren't far away, either. Scary afternoon as my nephews are in the involved school districts. Prayers for sure.

Julian said...

I know that must of been awful. I remember a year or two ago when a convict got loose and my kids were on lockdown in school in our town. Yes,this world does need His love. I'm praying for everyone.

Nancy said...

So sorry to hear of this tragedy.

Unknown said...

Praying for you all!