Monday, February 25

Weekly Menu

Sourdough for #glutenfree @seanhagarty. #sourdough #bread

Monday am - sourdough pancakes
lunch - rice cakes w melted cheese, carrot sticks
dinner - oven fries, meatloaf, watermelon

Make yogurt

Tuesday am- cereal with fruit
lunch - burritos, orange slices
dinner - turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes

Ready sourdough bread to proof overnight

Wednesday am - nectarine cobbler, tea
lunch - hot dogs and baked beans
dinner - spaghetti and meatballs (make extra meatballs for tomorrow's lunch), garlic bread
(Roast squash and let cool for tomorrow's gnocchi)

Thursday am - rice pudding
lunch - Hawaiin meatballs over brown rice
dinner - squash gnocchi with roasted veggies

Friday am - banana bread oatmeal
lunch - tortellini shoup
dinner - black beans and rice, slow cooked pork roast or sausages

Saturday am - pancakes
snack - cheese slices, homemade salami, crackers
dinner - beef and bean chili, cornbread



Thursday am

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Anonymous said...

Do you make gluten free sour dough? We have been gluten free since last April due to my 6 year olds intolerances and we soooo miss bread! I have been so hesitant to try a gluten free sour dough, yours looks so good, I'm crossing my fingers its gluten free! Would you care to share about it?
Thank you