Saturday, February 2

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Yay for a sleeping babe and time to tidy the #sewing room.

The sewing room became a neglected post-Christmas mess.  This morning Benjamin took a nice little nap and I got to work.  There is still a lot to organize and move out of here.  A. LOT.
It is easy to see pinterest-pretty photos as a mama and get discouraged so let me tell the left of me is a huge paint sprayer box full of tools we used remodeling these rooms and various tool litter on the floor around it.  Behind me is my card catalog utilized for craft storage, but just about every drawer is open, stuff is falling out and a massive grocery store bag is doubling as a garbage bag, hung off one of the open drawers.  To my right is an open ironing board with jewelry making supplies and a bin of buttons on it, underneath that is a sloppy mess of quilt batting and piles of Sean's beautiful bowls in ugly plastic bags where they are drying slowly (to prevent the wood from cracking).  This sweet little tidy part of the room in the photo is about a quarter of reality! :)
Reality is I might not get a chance to work on this room for a week, or maybe two weeks, because each day just gets filled to the brim and it is done before I get a chance to breathe or pee in peace.  This pretty little corner will probably get untidy in that time because clothes will need to be mended, garments finished and patterns looked through for spring sewing.  Kids will grab for knitting needles and scissors, sewing needles will get spilled and thread pulled.  And that's okay.  As much as I try to teach my kids neatness and order, there are so many more lessons for each day that are more important, right?  Right.  But for now, I'm thoroughly enjoying a tidy little space to sew.


Natural Mama said...

I haven't come by for a visit in quite some time and what a nice blog look you have going on! Your sewing room looks marvelous and I know what you mean about what's 'behind' the photos. :o) Enjoy your new space!! :)

Natural Mama said...

Your blog AND sewing room look marvelous. Haven't been by in a while. Time to catch up!

Nabila Grace said...

This sounds just like me :) I have been trying to live intentionally and when something can get done I try to just slowly chip away at the mountains of life that surrounds our home. Such is the life of dancing around with a newborn. :)

rebi edel said...


Julian said...

That sounds like life in my house! That spot of yours is pretty, I hope you get to spend time in it soon;) christina

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this.. I see these pic's on other blogs and it depresses to how my house never looks this nice.. Thank you for the truthfulness of you post..

Sue in NJ

Jennifer said...

Oh, it's lovely! Enjoy that sweet space~it looks so inviting I could just sit down right now and sew :)