Sunday, February 3

On Reading and Learning

True Bear Stories - we found this free for my Kindle and what a gem!  The author is a fabulous writer and the stories (so far) haven't been too frightening so it is nice listening for everyone.

I've been enjoying

Andrew is learning all about trapping.

Annaliese is reading some era specific fashion books and refashioning books.

Everyone has enjoyed these few stories we've read aloud:

And we've been listening to:

One reason I love homeschooling is seeing our children's love for learning!  The rabbit trails of learning in our home are sort of like the If You Give a Mouse a Muffin book (or is it a Moose a Muffin?).  Annaliese develops an interest in fashion.  She sits with a pile of historical fashion books and browses, then grabs a drawing pad and pencil and sketches fashion plates, then writes me an illustrated report of fashion of WWII, finds and chops up some clothes headed for the donate bin and works at refashioning them, then whips up period correct wear when the kids all put on a play set in such and such a time. Next a sewing machine or two is pulled out and everyone has a few days of pursuing sewing.  Aiden figures out how the machines work and how the threads come together to knot and stitch, Andrew sews a holster out of an old leather jacket and a tarzan-esque vest and dolls are made for and by the littles, then Valentines napkins and so on and so on.  Child led learning is a beautiful thing and I feel like all I have to do is sit and watch and answer questions and order library books and toss in some copywork and math and read as they play and draw and create.
I'd love to hear what you or your littles are reading.  We are always looking for new books!


Nabila Grace said...

I also love homeschooling for the same reasons :) We have just started reading the "Little House on the Prairie" series. I have been following for some time, but don't comment. I also has a bundle of joy that was born close to your's. So I have set aside reading time for when he is nursing in the morning and we then read a chapter. :) I will have to check out the books you shared!

Julian said...

That is beautiful. I don't homeschooling,although I truly admire thoes who do,but I'm constantly on the lookout at the library for interesting books my kids would enjoy,and giving them things for creativity.
Good work, my hats off to you!:)

Magi said...

We too are working on Little House. It's our second or third time, but we never get sick of it. I'm also planning on getting the Anne of Green Gables series soon. My original plan was to make them read/listen to it before I let them watch the movie, but that went out the window years ago. I love it too much, and love the way my husband giggles when we watch it.

Rachel said...

We are reading Thornton Burgess. Many of his stories are free online. So far we have read "Blacky the Crow" and "The Adventures of Buster Bear." Both were very entertaining and taught us a bit about animals too. Actually for Buster Bear we found it on this site,, and it read it to us.

Anonymous said...

I've been so happy to see you posting more often--I've followed your stories since we began homeschooling 4 years ago, and I've found incredible encouragement and inspiration here! We also have been reading the Little House books, Holling C. Holling books, The Original Blue Back Speller (I really think you'd enjoy this--I think it's on Amazon--we met a nice girl at the beach one day and after talking for a bit about how it was her grandmother's only "textbook", she ran to her car & gave it to me :-)

Have a beautiful day and thanks for the book suggestions!

Laura said...

Wonderful! I always thought that as long as I insisted that we do math and read real books, the rest happened naturally. (That is, as long as the kids weren't dulled by television or the computer.) I always wondered if I had had the vision to leave math and reading to their discretion, if plenty would have taken place.

My favorite books are Me and Caleb and Me and Caleb Again by Meyer. They are out of print, but you may find them at a library. We read them SO many times and laughed and cried each time. I also love The
Courage of Sarah Noble, Up the Road Slowly and Across Five Aprils.

Kelli said...

I've always thought of our days as such, like that book. I often think of us mamas as such too! What a tremendous tool to have books, materials, the outdoors, art supplies, sewing machines, etc. readily available for our kids to use. They don't have to wait until "art class" once a week to let their minds soar!!!