Thursday, January 24

When it is cold and possible photo overload:

When you are a mama of seven and need a mental health day, I mean really, really need a mental health day - what to do?

When the temperature outside is stretching its blue toes to reach 1 degree Farenheit and everyone is housebound and wild and crazy - what to do?

So far this week we've:
Listened to a lot of music.  Fernando Ortega's "I Need Thee Every Hour" is my personal mantra.  I've sung it, "I need Thee every nanosecond..." and the kiddos giggle.
Done sewing lessons and sewing - a vest, a sock bunny, a bag, a hat, refashioned shirts, a pillow...
We've done duct tape creations.
We've made six trays of fruit leather which are drying in the oven from the eighty lbs of bananas Sean brought home ($8).
Kiddo photos were taken and edited for grandparents.
We've done lots of lessons. Lots.
Started teaching the kids Psalm 1.
Introduced the kids to Star Wars.
Made homemade sodas - French vanilla egg creams from a recipe in this fun book.

Read The Snowy Day and did this craft to go along with it.
Burned a lot of firewood in the woodstove.
Burned a lot of coal in the coal stove.
Listened to the furnace kick on for the first time this winter.  My frugal self is quite proud that we've only burned an hours worth of oil.
Pinned lots of banana recipes.
Made banana bread oatmeal.  It was good.
Banana bread oatmeal - making usec if the 80lbs of bananas @seanhagarty  brought home. #bargaingrocer #largefamily #largefamilycookery
Done massive amounts of laundry.
Told the dog who is in heat to GET OFF the toddlers. (TMI?)
Asked friends on facebook what in the world I do with a dog in heat.
Tried not to curse the same dog for chewing up a few pairs of mittens. (Really, she's sweet and we love her.)
Cuddled a baby. A lot.
Listened to Hatchet.

Listened to The Mighty Miss Malone.
Thrown boiling water into the frigid air.
Planned for friends to come over tomorrow for dinner.  (YAY!) One friend just returned from Nepal and we're all looking forward to stories of his trip.
Planning for a fun day tomorrow - so far I've planned a swing by the donut shop for breakfast, thrifting, and a movie for the afternoon.  The temps are supposed to soar to twenty above.  I'm nearly giddy.

And now for some cute kids:

100_6892edit 100_6810 100_6946bw 100_6997bw 100_7011bw 100_6969bw
Love them lots.  They make my sensory overloaded brain happily exhausted.  Sean whisked me off for a quiet hour of coffee tonight and it was divine.


Laura said...

I'm sure glad you got that hour of coffee! All the rest of the activities sounded great for kids, and a lot of work for the Mama! The pictures of your children are gorgeous. Actually it is the children that are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures of the kids!
Do you have any bubbles, of the blowing kind? Try and blow them outside in that cold weather...:O)
Stay warm.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Beautiful children, Hannah....

You are being very creative - I often, too often, default to a movie or computer games.

I need to think of crafting more often....


Becky said...

OK, that would explain all the banana recipes you pinned. How on earth did Sean score so many bananas???
And what did you do about the kiddos while you went on your date? That's always the snag in our plan...

Anonymous said...

Try these banana pancakes....


Teri said...

Baby feet photos are the best!

Me said...

Thank you, Laura. :)
Jo, I'll have to dig out the bubbles.
Mrs. Rabe, we do movies too. :) Currently, Star Wars.

Chinamama, the food thrift store our church runs got pallets and pallets of bananas in, which is how/why they were so cheap. As for a babysitter, Annaliese is the same age as our last two babysitters were when they began sitting for us. I can hardly believe it, but yes, my baby babysits! She's fully competent to hold down the fort while we go for coffee. Of course, we've got Benjamin with us since he's still quite attached to his mama.

Thank you for the recipe suggestion, Anonymous. :)

Teri, I agree. I love baby toes!

Julian said...

You're doing a great job! :) Precious kiddos!

Dawn said...

Have to tell you that my grandkids call the Fernando Ortega CD - the nice guy music.
"Mimi, play the nice guy music."
They love it.
Great photos of the littles!!!