Sunday, January 27

Weekly Menu

Smiling at his Papa. upload
Monday am - cinnamon banana muffins
lunch - orange slice, rice cakes with melted cheese
dinner - pesto BLT's, peach cobbler

Tuesday am - banana breakfast cookies
lunch - peanut noodles, carrot sticks
dinner - Symeon's chicken salad. rice pilaf

Wednesday am - banana oatmeal smoothies
lunch - applesauce, crackers, cheese slices
give Kim a sewing lesson
dinner - hot dogs, German sausages, homecanned red kraut

Thursday am - bagels with cream cheese
lunch -yogurts, fruit
dinner - white turkey chili, corn chips, cornbread
Desperate Book Study begins - tea, coffee, cookies

Friday am - cornbread, eggs
lunch - cheese quesadillas, nachos and salsa
dinner - Rick and Clarissa's, bring cheesecake

Saturday am -pancakes
lunch - hot dogs, potato salad
dinner - beef stroganoff

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Julian said...

Some of thoes look really yummy! Loving benjamins grin!(my Ben is 8)
have a great week!