Wednesday, January 2

Weekly Menu

Yes, I realize it is the middle of the week but it feels like a Monday and we've been flying by the seat of our pants so far as meals go when Sean was home.  Here's the menu for the remainder of our holiday week:

Wednesday am - cereal, almond smoothies
lunch - leftover turkey and gravy, rice cakes w/ cheese
dinner - pasta w/ Italian sausage, fennel and spinach, roasted zucchini
Have Annaliese make carrot muffins

Thursday am - carrot muffins, tea and coffee
lunch - yogurt w/ strawberries, celery sticks w/ almond butter
dinner - Slow cooker honey/mustard/rosemary pork roast, carrots in butter, rice

Friday am - breakfast cookies, tea and coffee
lunch - pork fried rice?
dinner - individual beef potpies w/ cornmeal piecrust

Saturday am - cranberry orange gf coffee cake, tea and coffee
lunch - hot dogs, German sausages, home canned Boston beans
snack - popcorn, hot chocolate

Sunday am - pancakes
dinner - Salmon in a Bengali Mustard Sauce, rice

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Jen said...

While I've never commented before, I am one of your faithful readers. ;) We moved to WA state from upstate NY (Oneonta/Unadilla/Cooperstown)and miss the scenery so that is just one of many reasons I love your blog.I really appreciate your blog's focus on cultivating home as a wife and mother's way of serving the Lord and I completely agree. I loved reading your post on the birth of your precious. The photos really capture the beauty of that moment. I, also, love seeing what other people put on their meal table and have enjoyed looking at your menus. Btw, can you direct me to the recipe for the gf cranberry coffee cake? :0)Thank you for sharing the details of your life. It is delightful. Blessings, Jen Birger