Wednesday, January 9


You know it's a good green smoothie when the straw stands on its own. New on the kitchen wall. Love useful art.
In response to questioning yesterday by our chiropractor's mother, I remarked that, "yes, we're back into the swing of things", and then laughed out loud at myself because old routines fall hard with each increase in family size.  Mostly, we're slowly navigating these new/old waters of interrupted sleep and a different head count to make each time we load of the big van and lessons are a comedy juggling act that make my head spin and praise the Lord for children motivated to learn on their own in between moments of formal instruction. Annaliese is currently fascinated with drawing and vintage fashion, Andrew with all things hunting/trapping, Aiden with battery/wind/solar power, both boys with coin collecting, Ella with insects and gymnastics, and Chase with playmobils and building impressive structures for them with his blocks. Addie likes to have a sweet, intrusive paw in whatever an older sibling is working on.
Tea, pens, David Nevue, journal = fifteen minutes of refreshment One of us thinks 3-7am is party time. #tiredeyes #needsleep
Benjamin is a champ at nursing and all the other skills a newborn posesses, mainly making us all smitten with him.  He cannot make a squeak without a five (six?) alarm notice being sent up on his behalf from every sibling within earshot.
The family engineer fixing the dishwasher.Knitted socks make me smile.  

And so, life goes on.  I woke up this morning thinking of how Ella was just a baby when we moved here and now she is a running, leaping, never still blond with endless six year old energy. It gives me a lump in my throat every time I consider how fastly grown each child is becoming.  Lord, help me not to waste any moments!

Woke up to this on my Kindle - yay! #desperatemomFun fabrics in the mail. #sewmamasew #sewing #crafting
1. tea and journaling while rocking the baby with my foot
2. tired eyes and hungry fellow
3. Aiden fixing the dishwasher. Hallelujah for a mechanically gifted child!
4. Hand knitted socks and crunchy floors.
5. New reading; so good.
6. New fabrics waiting for a season with time for sewing.


Julian said...

I know where you are,I've been there. My mother kept telling me that it would pass,and your kids grow up so fast. I kept thinking," when?" Now I have two stepkids graduated,my oldest graduating next year,a 9th,6th,and 3rd grader. My 6th grader has aspergers and adhd. Yes,my mom was right. God is right there with you,in THIS moment. I'm praying for you,although we've never met. Ive been where you are. Squeeze them tight,give them lots of love and kisses. Reassure them,teach them. Teenagers will always need that,but won't let you do it as much. Lol. I like your fabric. Can't wait to see what you make. I'm hoping to find that book as well.

jackie said...

I just started reading sarah mae's book as appeared on my kindle yesterday, though neither my husband nor I purchased it...I'm still not sure how I got it. I am finding it very good and helpful though :) I think it came to me for a reason.

Mandi said...

Really enjoyed your post. :) Love all the pics and just how precious each memory is!