Friday, January 4

Art Journaling

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I've journaled for just about always but over the past year or so have been adding more art and less words, or sometimes, an equal dishing out of both as the spirit leads.  There is something so therapuetic about savoring ten minutes of sitting by myself time and putting all the years of boredom and doodling in school to good (beautiful) use.  Most of my journaling is praying on paper and art adds to this beautifully, I think.

If you are interested in art journaling here are some of my favorite resources and supplies:
My Pinterest Journaling Page is full of inspiration from around the web.  I learn visually so I love soaking in and appreciating other folks beautiful art and journaling.
My two favorite mediums are pen and watercolor.  If you're just getting started, pick up an inexpensive set of watercolors like these and a small plastic pallet to mix them in.  It may sound complicated if you're used to the little pans of dried watercolor paints (as I was), but a friend showed me how simple and lovely they are to use and the resulting colors are so much more lively and amazing.  Get yourself a nice little set of good brushes too. In good weather, when we all load up the van and head out to nature, I sometimes bring along watercolor pencils, do my little doodling or drawing in a small watercolor notebook, and then add water to the page when I return home.

For doodling, I really like this set of Sakura pens.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby (40% coupons are the way to go for art supplies).  They haven't dried out and glide beautifully.  I always wondered how pen drawings looked so fine and dainty and it really is the gift of having a nice pen in hand.

Because a reminder is good:

If you need a boost getting started and are like me with no art lessons under your belt, the book

is a fun, stress free place to start nurturing your creativity.  Then just doodle and paint away.  It doesn't matter if your art doesn't look real-to-life or how you think it should. Use colors you love and experiment with different paints, pens, pencils, papers and subject matter.  There is no pressure to show your doodling to anyone, it can just be you and God and your prayers.  :)

Art is free therapy.


Kim said...

Just beautiful Hannah! Your pages are just so pretty. Thanks for the post.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

You are a natural...thanks for the tool recommendations...I love the micron pens, too...haven't ever tried the watercolor pencils but that may be a good use of MY 40% coupon!

Lisa said...

Dear Hannah,
it's amazing that you posted this just today. Because today my husband asked me what I am going to do with the beautiful journal he gave me for Christmas - and I told him, I will wait until I find something special and now I saw this and think this will be the right.
Thank you for the inspiration.

Momma Bug said...


(my favorite sand-by black ink pens too)

Thanks for the inspiration friend!

Mindy said...

Thanks for sharing your resources. I would love to get back to art journaling. I mostly did watercolor backgrounds with collage elements on top. Nothing too artsy about it. It was mostly therapeutic play. I think I'll start again.

I've kept a prayer journal off and on for years. Sometimes I find it hard to pray without it. I find I stay so much more on track if I write my prayers out like a letter to God.

I love your drawings. The one with lines and flowers would make a nice fabric.

Sunflower Days said...

So much peace in doodling....thank you for your inspiration! Happy New Year Hannah!

Jennifer said...

This way of journaling fascinates me.
Thank you for sharing. I'm working through the Pinterest that you linked. Such a lovely way to record thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Your doodling is beautiful! You could design greeting cards or notepaper! What kind of journal do you use?

mandi said...

Yay! One of my goals this year is to take my art journaling to the next level. You pages are lovely- thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Art Journaling is fascinating to me. What a great, inspiring way to record thoughts and prayers.
I wouldn't know where to begin, and appreciate your recommendations.

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Hi Hannah. Just wanted to share someone else's beautiful journaling. I thought you might enjoy her's as much as I did.