Saturday, January 19

A Peek Into Saturday


Four a.m.
That's his new Rise & Shine time.
Sean took over at 6:45 so I could sleep for an hour and then the two of us lay in a vegetative mind-numbed state, small babe nodding off on my chest, until 8:30 as the children toasted their own bagels and ate breakfast without us.
Why is four in the morning so hard?
IMG_6778A cup of coffee, pocket of money, small babe and pigtailed girl beside me, it was time for errands.  We take turns taking out kiddos and it was Ella's special time out with me. I really dislike running errands on Saturday mornings and miss that time at home with Sean but in this season of life I can't figure out a sane way around it.
Special time out with our 4th kiddo this morning. #largefamily
Just look at my tired eyes! Hoo-ee!
Pigtailed girl and I had a great time.  She is an expert good-produce, that-bag-has-a-rotten-one-in-it-mama, finder. 

We stopped by a store whose business ethics I don't agree with, and so normally avoid, but found some adorable shirts on sale, including one for Addie that says "Papa, Papa, Papa". 

It needed a matching skirt and later Benjamin lay on a pillow beside me and let me sew up some bright fabric from Sew Mama Sew.
Ella came home with two cute t's and a belly full of a decaf coffee drink from the bookstore where she helped me pick out our new calendar for the year - one with places to visit before you die.  We forgave the grim title when we saw the beautiful photos in it.  And really, it was that or an assortment of cats and weird hats calendars so I considered us lucky to have unburied this gem.
I came home to a spic and span kitchen (boys who start fights at 7 a.m. need work to learn to occupy their time wisely).

They helped carry in groceries and I later found them piled up, watching a gold mining show on the computer.
I tidied my desk, did some housework (Sean had already begun a venison stew for dinner) and set to work on sewing a skirt for Addie and Ella to wear with their new tops.


We cracked open some jars of pickles.  Yummo.
Are you a sweet or dill pickle person? 
I'm all for sweets (bread n' butter) unless it is one of those deli dill pickles in a barrel.  I haven't seen those in years though.
Addie agrees with me and would eat a whole jar. 
The rest of the kids side with Sean and the dills.
IMG_6776Dinner, showers and baths for kiddos, ironing and a rush and a blur out the door for the evening church service.
Sweet little babe is curled like a kitten in my lap now and I think I'll attempt the transfer to his cradle and try to get some winks in before 4.
Have a sweet Sabbath, everyone!


Momma Bug said...

Oh thank you for the delightful peek friend! Some of those descriptions and pictures had me chuckling today - particularly the boys occupying their time wisely :-)
Well done.

Oh dear. You look very well I think, for waking at 4am. And I need to learn how to make some of those skirts with the knit waists.
Perhaps lower down on the list.
This weekend for us: washing up flannel for baby sheets, making a tent for the girls with some thrifted "vintage" sheets, Beloved working on a headboard for my bed in the woodshop, Explorers finding deer bones out on the hills, hot coffee refills heavy on the cream, left-overs for lunch, last nights cookies to munch.... very much the right kind of weekending :-)

Loads and heaps of blessings on you dear heart!

Lynn Hasty said...

Dill. ;)

Shelley Q said...

Love the pickle comments. There truly are two types of people in the world:sweet or dill. Dill here all the way. Sounds like a great day, beauty and comfort in the simple acts of living.

Me said...