Tuesday, December 11

One Week and On My Mind

Does not want to rise and shine and eat.
Feeling like a champion having survived our first week as a family of nine, wee hour feedings and fussings have been slightly easier with reading.  Here's what's on my mind:

This book, The Hole in Our Holiness,I loved, and I wasn't surprised at the controversy over it.  It is our nature to cry legalism any time anything convicting or uncomfortable is pointed out to us.  Reading this book, I didn't see a hint of legalism pushed.  I think this quote I read in the small hours this morning perfectly sums up human nature and why a book like this is necessary.

Hard work is not the opposite of grace, it is the result of experiencing grace.
D. A. Carson explains:
People do not drift toward Holiness.
Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness, prayer, obedience to Scripture, faith, and delight in the Lord.
We drift toward compromise and call it tolerance; we drift toward disobedience and call it freedom; we drift toward superstition and call it faith. We cherish the indiscipline of lost self-control and call it relaxation; we slouch toward prayerlessness and delude ourselves into thinking we have escaped legalism; we slide toward godlessness and convince ourselves we have been liberated.
#candycane making night
Sean and the kiddos made candycanes the other night, a December tradition. I'm making these with the kiddos this morning.  Crafting with kids is one of my favorite things to do - a great excuse for embracing mess and glitter and getting sticky glue fingers! Late last night the kids helped me make the dough for these and I cannot wait for tea and cookies this afternoon.  It is simple luxuries like these that bless the tiredness of the day.

This sweater is on the needles for Benjamin, in stripes, of course, as I'm loving stripes of wool and using up remnants of yarn as of late.  Below is the project I finished the morning he came.  How can you resist a sweet baby in woolen stripes?  I cannot.  If you are on ravelry, you'll find me under Cultivatinghome.  I'd love to follow your projects too, so leave a little comment letting me know where to find you on ravelry.
Finished #knitting. Now he can come.. #40weeks

Sean and I celebrated our fourteenth anniversary last week.  As rough and farmgirl as I consider myself, I love girlie things too, like vintage jewelry.  Sean gave me this pretty vintage aquamarine ring, which also happens to be my birthstone.
Happy #vintage anniversary ring via @seanhagarty 's great taste. #14years of love, forgiveness, and blessings.
Hope the beginning to everyone's week is going well!


Vanessa said...

You little one is delightful, and it looks as though you've had a wonderful week :)

I am anxious to know the name of the book your referencing -- for some reason the link isn't working for me.


Marcie said...

The name of the book is not visible as the link is broken. Could you please mention it in the post.

Selma said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! And I love reading your thoughts and ideas! I always go to your posts first when I read thru my google reader!

Mandi said...

Really enjoy your blog! I know the first few weeks {albeit months!} are so tricky to learn how life has changed, with a new one. Looks like you have a great support team!

Anonymous said...

As someone who used to be a Christian, and has since left this religion, I have to say, I respectfully do not agree with your quote. I found Christianity makes it hard to pray, seek God, be a good person etc. etc. because it's all about rules, regulations, and making peace with God for how sinful we are. Now, as an ex-christian, I find that I am a better person, more patient, spend more time in meditation (prayer) than i ever did before, and am generally much more aware of God because the burden of religion has been lifted off of me.

Anyway, I know you won't agree with me, your beliefs are very near and dear to your heart and there is nothing wrong with that, just thought I'd give you the other side, so to speak, of this religion. It's not all peace and wonderful things for everyone, it certainly wasn't for me, and I practiced it for 36 years.

Homestead Living said...

Would love to know the name of the book your reading...the link wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you with a sweet new born. I would like to read the book you quoted from but can't get to the title. Could you share that again please? God bless you and your family. Much love, Beth

Me said...

Hi everyone!
So sorry about the broken link - it should be fixed now but if it still isn't working for ye, the name of the book is The Hole in our Holiness.
Thank you, Selma, for the congratulations on Benjamin!
Mandi,I have an awesome family and the kids have been great little helpers, doing everything from helping make meals to watching out for each other and entertaining each other. I am so blessed!

I thank you for your openess in sharing your experience and I must say, it sounds dreadful! If being a Christ follower was a list of rules and regulations and the guilt of not being able to be perfect - then I would quit too! If you like to read, I recommend a book titled What's So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancy. Loving the Lord and identifying myself as a Christian is all because of God's grace. The law was made to show us how inadequate we are to fullfill it, and how desperately we need a saviour. Anyway, if you'd like ever to chat more about love and grace in relationship vs. law and condemnation of religion, feel free to email me at hannahhagarty at yahoo dot com.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Thanks for the lovely peek into your week, Hannah! Sweet Benjamin is going to be well dressed! Such handsome sweaters!


alijoy said...

I need to read that book. at a conference last spring I heard Kevin speak about holiness and God's purpose in giving us consciences. not sure if that's addressed in his book, but it was a life changing time for me. Grace is the most incredible freedom. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hannah, what a beautiful family! And the latest addition is just too gorgeous :-) I am daisy-k on Ravelry.

Raia said...

Thanks for sharing that quote. It's good to reevaluate our walk often to make sure we aren't falling into these traps. Praise Yahweh for his continuous patient love of His Bride!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I've been intrigued by that book and wanting to read it. The quote you shared just confirmed that desire.

Unknown said...

I'm on Ravelry as Daybreak. I'm not a very good or prolific knitter though!

mandi said...

Oh! That ring is gorgeous! Great job Sean! And congrats to you 2 on 14 years and the beautiful family that you share.