Wednesday, November 14

Thirty Seven Weeks

Thirty seven weeks pregnant and still, minus the two week glich of stomach issues, this has been the nicest, easiest carrying-of-a-baby I've had.
What does one need for a seventh child?  Here is a list of what I've been gathering and what is left on my making/shopping list.

Cloth diapers: I know I've promised a few ladies I'll do a post on cloth diapering, and I still promise I will, but, just quickly, here is what I have and what I'm using.
~Kawaii one-size all in ones.  We used these almost exclusively with Addie from birth to potty trained (she still wears them at night).  They are inexpensive and have worked great for us.
~Prefolds with covers.  Econobum makes my favorite ones and, as you might guess from the name, they are a good deal.
~Snappis - these are on my buy list, I need a few more.  They are the modern version of safety pins, with no pricking or sharp parts.  I love them.  Most of my diapering supplies have come from Kelly's Closet.
I've made a pile of shorties and longies from thrift store cashmere sweaters. We've had sensitive bummed babies who rash easily if left in cloth overnight and I've been reading that wool liners can solve this issue so I'm planning on making some wool liners and seeing if it helps.

Birth Supplies:
Having a homebirth means buying your own birth supplies ahead of time.  I ordered mine from here.  I have quite a few things left from the previous homebirths and will just have to get ready a flannel backed tablecloth (for protecting the mattress) and an old sheet set for the bed.

Zulily has really nice nursing bras every so often at great prices and I've stocked up with pretty, new ones.  They've come a long way since the granny style cotton bras that were available when I nursed our firstborn, Annaliese.
Bra pads for nursing are a cinch to make.  I cut circles out of flannel and fleece or wool, layer several flannel circles together with one fleece layer and zig-zag or serge around the edge. Remember to pre-wash and shrink your flannel and wool before you make them.

A waterproof cover for our cradle mattress needs to be made. The cradle is by my side of the bed, making transfer for eating, butt patting, and gentle rocking within easy reach.  We have always had the wiggliest, squirmiest kids and so co-sleeping never worked for us or the kids.

I always loved these muslin swaddling blankets but not their prices, so when they came up on zulily a while ago at about half price, I bought some.  Can't wait to swaddle this wee one in them!

I shared before on freezer meal prep and have a nice pile of meals ready in the freezer.  If I have time, I'd love to make a batch of Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls to freeze for the kiddos and I for after the baby's arrival.  All you do is make them to the rising in the pan stage and freeze them unbaked.  To cook, just take them out for an hour or two and then bake as directed.  So yum!

Since we've had both genders of children, we are pretty set with clothing this new one.  A favorite of ours is the sack style gowns for the first few weeks.  Sean calls them *potato sacks*.  Every new babe gets his or her own knit caps and I've got just one finished; a few more are on my to-make list.

Our infant carseat is still good (not an old one) but since this babe is arriving come winter, a new Bundle Me is in order.  In the past, I've purchased them from ebay or TJMaxx for under $20.  A new one is on my to-buy list. (Updated to add that I was given one, so no need to buy!)
The big purchase for us this time around is a twelve passenger van. Nissan makes my dream one, but since this is the first year they've made them, they are more than we'd like to spend at this time.  We've found a Ford E350 used from a rental agency in great condition and under blue-book pricing so it looks like this will be our next ride.
Come spring and warmer weather I'll need a new double stroller.  I prefer this style and I'll have all winter to stalk craigslist for another one.
My favorite carrier is a Moby Wrap.  I love the hands free, baby close and cuddly-ness it provides while I'm homeschooling and going about our day.  When we run errands, I put it on at home and then can just slide baby into it when we arrive.

Finally, finally, after five years and lots of demo, finding out we had carpenter ants and Sean replacing a HUGE sill plate along one side of the house, then him getting sick with Lyme disease for a few years, then insulating and wiring - finally, we are getting the downstairs master bedroom suite finished.  I think I hear the angels singing with me! :)  Off our kitchen is a large tin-ceilinged room with a smaller attached sitting room which connects to the downstairs bath.  We've just moved in to it as our new bedroom and after the baby gets older, I can put a crib in the sitting/sewing room until he/she is old enough to move in with siblings.  This will be another fun (if you love decorating and fluffing like I do) post coming soon.  Both the boy's bedroom and the girl's bedroom are very large and can easily accomodate another sibling.  If you follow me on Instagram (Cultivatinghomr), you'll have been seeing the progress on the two new rooms.  Can I just say how fun it is having a designated place for sewing and crafting after years of moving around little corners of the house?

For siblings:
We take guesses and write down our best guesses for three categories: birth date, birth weight, and birth length.  Winner of each category gets a really yum chocolate bar.  It is something small, but our kids have been talking about this for months already because they love it.
A basket of goodies by my bed - I've been picking up inexpensive toys and easy crafts as I see them to tuck into a basket I keep bedside for after birth.  I love handing them out as I need to buy myself some rest or downtime and the kids love the surprise of receiving and using them.  Some ideas for a bedside basket are watercolor books, new crayons, special snacks, small lego or playmobil kits, an easy baking mix, colored pencils and a how to draw book, stickers for small children, a book on cd from the library, colorful yarn to handknit with, a few scraps of fabric and a needle and thread for creating with....

And that about sums it up.  The more kiddos you have the less you need.  Now we play the waiting game, but since our children have always been right on time or late, I'm not holding my breath. :)



Becky said...

Can't wait to see your "master suite"! Now that I think of it, you should do a photo tour of your whole home - I bet your readers would love that! I know I would! :)

~ Shannon said...

Congratulations on reaching "full term" status! I'm so glad to hear that your pregnancy has gone so smoothly (minus the few glitches).

It's always great to see what other moms' must-haves are -- now that we have one-of-each, I'm looking forward to less "gathering" for future pregnancies!

I trust the remaining days/weeks of your pregnancy will be peaceful, and enjoy that new master bedroom!


Shelley Q said...

Was just thinking of you and your wee one tonight. Loved the post! Got me thinking about what life might be like with a third child as my baby boy turns one next month. Many blessings!