Sunday, November 25

39 weeks and the weekly menu

Still no baby action, but our kiddos tend to hold out till at least the fortieth week and so, housecleaning and nesting and canning (turkey and venison) are in full swing.

Monday am - potatoes and fried eggs
lunch - ?
dinner - Greek pasta salad, hummus and nachos
Make dough for cream cheese jam cookies
Soak groats

Tuesday am - oat groats with honey, raisins and walnuts
lunch - boxed mac and cheese, carrots sticks and dill dip
Make GF tortillas
dinner - black bean and cheese burritos, autumn chopped salad, apple crisp

Wednesday am - smoothies, cornbread with jam
Rome thrift shop, bakery and Marshalls
lunch - pepperoni and cheese rolls
dinner - Pioneer Woman's grilled cheese, steamed broccoli
Take out ground beef

Thursday am - apple spice muffins
lunch - muffins,
Make meatballs
dinner - Charlie's eggplant parmigiana for kiddos and I, meatballs and pasta for Sean

Friday am - toasted bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, fresh fruit
lunch - meatball sandwiches
dinner - homemade mac and cheese, candy apple pie if I'm feeling motivated

Sat am - corncakes with honey
dinner - Pioneer Woman Sloppy joes

canned green chilis
neufchatel cheese
gf pasta
bread and rolls from the bakery
caramel sauce
gf graham crackers

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Thinking of you this morning.