Sunday, October 14

Weekly Menu

Monday am - oatcakes with jam
lunch - pasta with cream sauce
dinner - fish tacos

Tuesday am - almond smoothies
lunch - rice cakes with melted cheese and ham
dinner - sausage, bean and pasta soup, tomato and fresh mozz. salad

Wed am - cranberry scones
lunch- leftover soup, cheese soldiers
dinner - roast buttermilk chicken, roasted butternut squash

Thurs am - banana breakfast cookies
lunch- stuffed french toast
dinner - antipasta

Friday am - cereal
lunch- yogurt w honey and granola
dinner - slow cooked BBQ beef on rolls

Sat am - pancakes
snack - cheese slices, homemade salami, crackers
dinner - hot crab dip with nachos, garlic potatoes, hot dogs for kiddos

sunday am - Coffee cake, decaf lattes for the kids
lunch - pork roast with veggies

half and half
canelli beans
gf Italian sausage
gf pasta
french bread
apricot jam?
hot dogs
almond milk
cold meat for antipasta
balsamic vinegar

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