Monday, October 1

Cider Apple Picking

At the end of our road live a sweet elderly brother and sister, retired farmers and themselves children of farmers, who keep a little house together by the side of the road, surrounded by the old farm land and outbuildings.

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Neither of them married, and they love visits from us with our children.  Mr. Miga, the brother, we guess is in his seventies, and has showed us through the old barns, all immaculate, rows of beautiful old tractors lined up in them, the names and ages of which he all knows. Ms. Miga pats a chair for me whenever we visit, and quickly reaches to take the baby.
Sean happened to call and ask about picking apples from their old trees, which we noticed were laden with large fruit.  Our apple trees did not fare so well this year and the orchard nearby which sells you-pick apples also lost their crop due to a late freeze this past spring.  


A winter minus jars of applesauce lining the pantry shelves was a sad thought.  "Oh, yes," Mr. Miga offered, "come and pick".
I spy two kiddos in the apple tree.

Sean has been twice with the children picking, while I was sick - those apples being cooked and milled into sauce, then canned and moved to the pantry and many, many of them sliced and eaten. Tonight, feeling perkier than I have in a long while, I joined them in the picking.

Apple picking

This time, we picked for cider making with friends and neighbors tomorrow night.

Apple picking
Andrew and Sean climbed and shook branches to make the apples fall and the littles gathered them into bushel bins.  I used the picker on the higher branches and Addie sampled a little of each kind.

Cider apples.
I have no idea what kind we picked tonight.  The reds are tart and juicy and so good, maybe Ida Reds? The yellows are more sour and will be great in the cider.  We'll drink and bake with cider the rest of the week and much of it will be put in loosely lidded jars to harden on the pantry shelves, the rest canned for enjoying all winter.  After the hard cider becomes hard, we add a bit of apple cider vinegar mother to it and let it sit and grow, turning the alcohol into vinegar for our enjoyment.


Olga said...

So relieved to learn that you feel better. It's not good to have ulcer either but it could be so much worse...
I love your maternity shirt, i'm gonna pin it:) Is it handmade or bought?
have a blessed day!

Julian said...

What a blessing! How fun! Yall have great neighbors. Glad your tests came back negative. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Me said...

Thank you,Olga - I found the maternity top, which is actually a light weight sweater and more of a coral color than the photo shows, at H&M.
Thank you, Christina for the well wishes. It feels so good to be feeling a little better! Looking forward to this continuing!