Tuesday, October 16

Autumn Walk

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Mostly quiet fall days here: lessons, baking, lots of knitting, canning finishing, scurrying to ready for baby, rooms being finished and my pinterest boards of ideas for their beautifying filling up....
This morning we saw our wee one on the screen again, after an overnight of worries with signs of premature labor - and oh, this small one is lovely even in fuzzy black and white, chub-cheeked and measuring over five lbs already.  Can't wait to kiss those cheeks!


Julian said...

Exciting that baby will be here soon! It makes everything so worth it! Beautiful,beautiful fall colors! I truly miss that here in Texas. Praying for you today. Blessings!

Momma Bug said...

And that's how I like to revel the the Lord's mercies too!

Looks like life in the Northeast is not dissimilar to life in the Northwest.

One of these days Hannah, tea?

I would like that :-)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Delightful days!

What a joy to walk them with your children - such a gift!


Cookin said...

Can I follow you on Pinterest?

Caroline said...

Fall is such a magical time! Even the simplest walk becomes an adventure. :)