Sunday, September 16

Weekly Menu

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Sunday am - oatmeal
snack - applesauce
dinner - beef stew, roast beets

Monday am - oatcakes
Pick up Milk
lunch- beef stew, apple slices
dinner- midwife appointment and dinner at friends - bring ham and scalloped potatoes and gf skillet apple pie or crisp

Tuesday am - Good Eats homemade chocolate milk, scones
Grocery Shop
lunch - yogurt w/ granola, jelly on crackers
dinner- corn on the cob, cheese and bean quesadillas

Wednesday am - apple rings cooked in pancake batter, tea
lunch- cornbread w/ cheese
Annaliese make no-bake peanut butter cookies
dinner- crab dip with nachos, homemade mac n' cheese

Thursday am - greens and eggs
lunch- ravioli w olive oil and herbs
dinner- gf pizzas
Mom's Night Out/Toddler Bag Swap
Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls, pumpkin choc. chip cookies, coffee, tea

Friday am - oatmeal banana smoothies, Paleo German apple pancakes
lunch - cheese quesadillas
dinner - burgers with horseradish sauce, corn on the cob, homemade pickles

Sat am - gf english muffins, fried eggs
lunch - vegetarian Jap Chae

Grocery List:
sour cream
pinto beans
tapioca flour
flour tortillas for the kids
green onions
sesame oil - have Sean pick up at the Asian market
firm tofu


Sarah said...

Is there a specific oatcakes recipe you like? I've never made/had them, but they look simple and hearty.

Diane said...

I haven't been by to see you in positively ages, but I thought of you this morning and came for a little visit.... do I see that you are expecting again? How exciting! I loved all of your pics and seeing how your little one are growing. You have a beautiful family my dear♥