Tuesday, September 4

Weekly Menu in progress

Monday am - waffles
lunch - pepperoni, cheese slices, apples and kiwis
dinner - steak and potatoes, sunshine tapioca, watermelon

Tuesday am - granola w/ yogurt or milk
lunch - quesadillas
dinner - pasta with sausage and basil cream sauce

Wednesday am- scones, honeydew melon, tea
lunch - crackers, cheese slices, homeade salami, apples
dinner - raw corn salsa and nachos, Spanish rice

Thursday am - oatmeal and fruit
lunch - Spanish rice
dinner - Greek roasted chicken, hummus and veggie sticks

Friday am - banana breakfast cookies
lunch - scrambled eggs w smoked salmon
dinner - sweet potato curry, brown rice

Saturday am - cornmeal pancakes with honey
snack -
dinner - chili and cornbread

Sunday am-
lunch - potroast w carrots and potatoes


1 comment:

Becky said...

What??? No snack on Saturday??? :(