Sunday, September 30

Weekly GF Menu

Monday am - Jewish honey apple cake, tea, scrambled eggs, eggnog
lunch - yogurt w granola and honey
dinner - tomato and fresh mozz. salad, homemade hamburger heaven

Tuesday am - tapioca, banana muffins
lunch - banana muffins, rice cakes with melted cheese
dinner - tomato basil parmesan soup

Wednesday am - almond smoothie, cereal
lunch - blueberry cheese rolls for kiddos
dinner - Vegetarian Jap Chae , apple buttermilk custard pie
Soak chickpeas overnight

Thursday am - blueberry cornmeal muffins, yogurt
lunch - tuna melts, fruit
dinner - falafel burgers, sliced tomato salad
Put oat groats to soak overnight

Friday am - oat groats, smoothies
lunch- German sausages w red apple kraut, applesauce
dinner - gf turkey pepperoni pizza

Saturday am - sour cream pancakes, orange juice
snack - cheese slices, apple slices, crackers
dinner - Kim's butternut squash soup

Sunday am - homemade granola and milk or yogurt
dinner - spaghetti and meat sauce, garlic bread, gf garlic bread, salad, fruit ambrosia

grocery list:
firm tofu
frozen spinach
crescent rolls
cream cheese
turkey pepperoni
pasta - 1 lb regular elbow, 3 lbs spaghetti, 1 lb gf spaghetti


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