Sunday, September 16

Week of Instagram

Barn sale treasures: #McCoy pottery, tobacco tin, grape box, hat box, silver candelabra, #fireking, #sunbeam bowls and an apple basket  $13

#pantry shelves filling. Happy sight. #largefamily #homesteading Filling our phys. Ed requirement for the day. #homeschooling #largefamily #nofilter #dessert Makings of strawberry rhubarb cobbler: Ripening on the windowsill. #nofilter Morning coconut ginger granola #nofilter. Summer rolls #tasteofcambodia goodness. Ugly #dollarstore pumpkins to #potterybarnhacks pumpkins After lunch walk. #largefamily Sketching Root Glen Clinton cider mill donut...mmmmmm. Simple, nourishing oat cakes.
1. A bundle of goods from a barn sale, all for $13, including McCoy mugs and a silver candelabra
2. Pantry filling with the addition of forty something quarts of pasta sauce
3. Phys. Ed at the park one morning and then a nice picnic afterwards
4. Makings of a strawberry rhubarb cobbler...yum
5. Tomatoes ripening on all the windowsills
6. Warm, homemade ginger coconut granola
7. Date night at a favorite Cambodian restaurant and delicious Summer Rolls and Curry
8. Dollar store pumkin make-overs into Pottery Barn-esque ones
9. An afternoon walk
10. Sketching a beautiful nearby formal garden
11. Apple cider donuts
12. Oat cakes for breakfast, simple and nourishing

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