Tuesday, September 4

Making Meals Ahead

Having a large family, a husband with special dietary restrictions, and a coming newborn, make premptive meal prep a must.
Here are the meals I've made or am setting aside time to make, to inspire your meal making:

Dinners -
Italian Stuffed Peppers - 3 meals
Emily's Ginger Salmon - 2 meals - frozen in bag
Mini Cook's Illustrated Meatloaves - 16 meatloaves
Lemon & Oregano Roast Chicken - 2 meals
Stephanie's Greek Spaghetti Sauce - 2 batches
GF lasagna - 2 trays
Chili - 2 meals
Chicken Spaghetti - 2 meals
Baked gf Ziti - 2 meals
Twice Baked Potatoes - 16 count
Seven Layer Dip - 1 tray
Buffalo Chicken Dip - 1 tray (I serve these dips as a meal with nachos and a big salad)
Baked Beans - 8 quarts canned (great for serving alongside sausages or hotdogs)
Green Curry - 2 meals
Sausage and Bean Soup - 8 quarts canned (2 meals)
Zuppa Tuscana - 8 quarts canned (minus the cream, add that when you heat up the soup)

Breakfasts -
Raspberry Crumb Bars, made gf, with jam instead of berries for filling
Blueberry Buttermilk pancakes, made gf - 4 batches
Baggies of homemade instant oatmeal
Peach Cobbler - 2 trays
Cornmeal Pancakes - 4 batches
Coffee Cake - 2 trays

Desserts -
frozen gf chocolate chip cookie balls, 2 batches
frozen gf peanut butter cookies, 2 batches



Sarah said...

This is a great list - thanks so much for posting! Your timing was perfect, actually - we are expecting to adopt our first kids, newborn twins, in three weeks. I've been trying to freeze and prep meals, but was running out of ideas. Your ideas here will be a big help!

jackie said...

thank you!! and WOW what a list!!!

Janelle said...

Wow, you are one prepared mama. I am not expecting but what an amazing list of foods to have ready for your family. Love this idea.

Emily said...

Hi Hannah,
I'm experimenting with finding a good gluten free flour mixture. Do you make your own or buy a mix. If you make your own, what do you use and what are the proportions? Thanks

Bonnie said...

I'm pulling out one of my made ahead baby meals tonight!
If you get a minute, I'm interested in the soup canning specifics- how long, what pressure, and did the potatoes and kale get funky. (my potato canning experience has been tasteless and weird textured, but the one soup I've canned them in turned out really good. In fact here's the link because it makes a good 12 quarts and night be handy to have the recipe) http://crabapple-kitchen.blogspot.com/2010/07/savory-chicken-vegetable-soup.html
That will probably have to be cut and pasted...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been extremely productive. I'm sure you will be thankful when the babe arrives! Janet

Joy said...

I am wandering where I could find your wonderful recipes? We are gluten free here too, because of my daughter and son's sensitivities. I am always in need of some make ahead meals. Where did you find some of these recipes?

Jeni in Canada said...

We're expecting also! Great list...have you thought of quiche?? It freezes beautifully.