Sunday, September 30

In which I see the big city doctor

I like to tough things out.  I'm not big on seeing doctors for every sniffle or ache but last night, after a long night up the previous night vomiting and in pain and the abdominal pain returning again, I hauled myself off to the big city to get checked out. 

My midwife has been absolutely fantastic, consulting with different physicians on my behalf and has ordered and tested me for just about everything under the sun.  All my tests have come back negative - which is hugely wonderful and at the same time hugely annoying because it left me with no answers as to what has been causing this pain and vomiting every so often with nauseousness in between the bouts of pain. 

I was quite relieved that my gallbladder wasn't blocked and didn't have any signs of being an "angry gallbladder", with the physician last night commenting on how healthy all of its parts look and how great my blood enzymes were.  It is nice to not have to go to bed wondering if your gallbladder is going to rupture. :)

After lots more testing last night and everything coming back again negative for my liver and pancreas and baby looking chub-cheeked and active in the womb, the doctor said the issue must be in my stomach and his guess is I have an ulcer.  I had an ulcer about nine years ago before I was pregnant with Aiden and so I wondered at the pain being the same but the nausea and vomiting and burping and diarrhea (now you know everything) was new to me.  Looking online this morning, I found that these are also strong symptoms of a peptic ulcer. 

So home I drove at 3 in the morning, falling into bed beside my beloved and today I've begun taking my acid reducer as well as an antibiotic and I feel better than I have in a long while.  I'll still see a perinatal specialist to get the clear from them and so life goes on...hopefully with no more of the same.

For everyone concerned about my "make a desk area" being low on the totem pole - it is done! :)
I had so many sweet notes of prayer here and on facebook and thank you, thank you so much.  It is horrible being in so much pain and so wiped out that you can't care for your family.  Even today Sean has banished me to sitting and here in my cozy corner I am crocheting and typing and smelling good things in the kitchen.  Annaliese has just mixed up a batch of lavender laundry detergent and the other kids have been in and out, building forts in the little woods out back.

I hope your weekend has been a lovely one,


Mama said...

So glad to hear things are looking up for you! Will keep you in my prayers. :-)

Unknown said...

Praying that you continue to feel better!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are improving! When is baby due? I forget.

Verna said...

Glad you are feeling a little better and it's not anything too serious!! Prayers and hugs!

Mrs. Mike and kids said...

I have suffered from the same symptoms and was told it was a peptic ulcer. It was only after moving away from our old home that I have begun to heal though so I think it is possible that it was the water and/or mold in that old house we lived in. Anyway I hope you will continue to feel better!

Rebecca Ann said...

Yes Hannah I will keep you in my prayers that you will recover quickly!

God bless,