Thursday, August 16

The Why of Thrifting

Thrifting has been a blessing to our family and our finances for as long as I can remember.  My first maternity outfits when I was carrying Annaliese were flowy dresses found at the thrift store and all of our children have been almost completely clothed in second hand clothing, regardless of whether our finances were below poverty level or above middle class.

I've shopped for our family at thrift stores for a few reasons:

1.It is putting into practice being a wise steward of our finances.  I can typically buy my wardrobe and all of my children's seasonal wardrobes for what I would have to pay retail for one child.

2.  It allows our finances to be allotted to other places.  I'd rather pay down our mortgage than shop online or at the mall.  Sean and I figured out that paying down our mortgage is like paying ourselves a higher rate if interest than putting the money in a bank since we're saving the interest rate on our home accumulating over however many years that we would normally be paying.

3.Thrifting allows for creativity and expression in dress.  I am able to find more modest, lovely, and fun clothes for the girls and I thrifting than I would be able to afford if I didn't shop second hand at thrift stores and consignment shops.  For example, a lot of my winter knits are by Woolrich and for the retail cost of one, I'm able to have a complete winter wardrobe.  I also love vintage clothing and thrifting provides nice finds for vintage clothing at a mere fraction of what vintage goes for in online shops. The girls dresses are almost all from Lands End, Hanna Andersson, or Gap. 

4. Besides clothing, shopping second hand has supplied our home with lead-free dishes, decor, furnishings that are durable and which won't devastate me when they get excessively used in our busy household, books, etc.

5. I don't have to worry about supporting companies that do not provide living wages to their employees, abuse child labor, or support causes in conflict with my Christian walk since those companies are not receiving my money.



anya* said...

So great! My favorite place to shop is the Goodwill and for the same exact reasons you listed! The smile I get when I find just what I have been scouring for months to find, is priceless! I carry a little notebook in my purse (and a Coach one I might add, quality leather and from the goodwill!) that lists the needs of each of the children, their sizes, ect. I went there this morning because the children's school just decided on mandatory uniforms, which for many families could be stressful. For 61$ all four school aged children are nearly outfitted. I feel so blessed! Also, I love my 11yo daughters face when she finds a darling item of clothing for a dollar or so- thrilled! I love modeling to her what being a resourceful mom means, in practical ways!

Rebecca said...

and plus-

it's just FUN!

Right there with you. Good thing we don't live nearby each other or you'd steal all the good stuff! ;-)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Those are very good thoughts and reasons.

I have been doing alot of consignment shopping over the years an now am going to almost all thrift and consignment.

Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

Buy used, save the difference.

Lauren B said...

Amen, amen, and amen!!! I thrift for nearly everything also!!

Anonymous said...

In the midst of this jem of a description about thrifting, you make an insightful remark about mortgages. Thank you, Hannah, for reassuring me that pouring our earnings into extra mortgage payments is more financially effective than building a giant savings account. Right now we have no children and few bills and afford to triple our payment. When the kiddies come, we hopefully won't have a mortgage at all and will be able to use those resources elsewhere. Your blog is such a comfort to me, by the way. It's nice to have a familiar outlook when most people do not understand what in the world my husband and I are doing!