Monday, August 6

Pregnancy Update

Country Morning
Just a quick note to say that everything pregnancy-wise is going fabulous and this has been by far the easiest pregnancy in a long while.  The first few months were terribly rough with morning sickness combined with Sean being sick with Lymes Disease but Hallelujah! that season is over. 

We did find out the wee one's gender but I'll be keeping it a surprise here until D-Day, which, is only about 115 days away...which... sounds really close to me considering I have ginormous freezer meal plans to carry out for post-partum and Christmas gifts to whip up since the wee one is arriving in the middle of holiday season. 

Days and evenings here have been filled with family and lesson plans and harvesting.  Tonight we harvested potatoes and I'm working on uploading a video of it so you can all see where our potatoes come from and how they are harvested here, with lots of willing hands, on our little homestead.


jackie said...

So wonderful to hear your pregnancy is going well! Mine is as well at this point, with a few complications though.
Those 115 days will go by fast! Our days have been spent with homeschooling and planning also. this was our first year planting potatoes...they came out well! i liked your video!
I really should do freezer meals...i have never done those before for postpartum. any recommendations as to what freezes well?


MrsRobinett said...

Looking great! Are you sure this is your 7th pregnancy?! Wishing you continued health and peace!

Blondee said...

You always look so at peace in your life, and you make pregnancy look so simple when holding together a house full of chores and children. God has blessed you so richly, and you do an incredible job of rising to each and every blessing.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, you look absolutely amazing

Unknown said...

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farnandas said...

Tonight we harvested potatoes and I'm working on uploading a video of it so you can all see where our potatoes come from and how they are harvested here, with lots of willing hands, on our little homestead.