Tuesday, August 7

Harvesting Potatoes

The kids and I dug potatoes by hand while Sean was busy doing wiring on Saturday.  This, however, is the much preferred method - a potato plow attached to the tractor.  We grew our potatoes in just soil this year and it was horrible - the weeds were unmanageable, even with hoeing.  Next year we'll either go back to growing potatoes in straw or trying a new method of growing them in stacks of straw in a round of wire fencing.  There is something so thrilling about the cool soft soil between your toes and following behind the tractor to spy a red, purple or white potato rolling out of the mounds.  We came in dirty and tired tonight but had a great time.


Patricia said...

I love to see children enjoying the good earth ~ such wholesome living! God bless you all.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

So sweet...I especially loved the footage of your little one plopping down in the dirt amongst the shadows of her family.

And you look lovely...radiant.