Wednesday, August 8

Good Things Seen Around Town

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These calming colors are my new living room inspiration colors.  We picked up a great leather sectional that is a grayish-olive via craigslist and so I've been taking out the old and adding in accessories in these colors.

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This website has many, many free art lessons and instructions.  Having taken one art class in my entire life (at a girlfriend's house), and as a wanna-be artist, I'm slowly soaking it in.

We're also absorbing information on living mulches, since Sean and I seem especially good at growing hardy weeds in the garden.

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Recently, I made these for Sean's birthday and they are soooo good.

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These cards are on the to-do list for Chase and Addie.

If you're not on pinterest, won't you come join me?

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Lisa said...

Your pinterest boards are as inspiring as your blog is :)