Saturday, August 18

An Hour or So Thrifting

Little Addie Nikes, which were all white and shiny - Addie wore them to the zoo all afternoon - .99

Two brand new Bum Genius AIO cloth diapers -$2.99ea

A little boy vintage plaid sport jacket.  These make me swoon and I am so glad my boys love wearing them as much as I like finding and buying them. - $2


Dark pumpkin/rust Woolrich cardigan for me - $1.50

  Black velvet GAP girl's dress - $4
This tunic was one of Ella's picks and it will look adorable and cozy with her purple leggings this fall - $2.

April Cornell girl's dress - $2.50
Sailor dress for Addie.  I go gah-gah for sailor outfits too - $1.50
Hanna Andersson tunic/dress - $2.50


Motherwear nursing t-shirt for me - $1

Ella's other pick for her $3 spending, a pale blue sweater with front pocket and hood - $1.50


GAP little boy dress shirt - .50


Boyz Wear Fresh Catch t-shirt - $1


Ralph Lauren boy's shirt - $1

IMG_6195Annaliese's pick, a pretty purple striped sweater - $1.50


Andrew's pick for spending his cash - camo hiking boots - $2.50


Cozy Velour GAP dress for Addie for winter - .99


Perfectly bright pink little girl jeans - $2.50 (For the boys, I always grab nice jeans in larger sizes when I see ones with the knees looking new.)


Elephant little boy t-shirt - .50


Girl's long sleeved t-shirt - .99

GAP ballet flats for Addie for fall - .50

Pajamas for me which look never worn - $3.50


Brand new Lands End shoes for Annaliese - $2.50

Lead free vintage mugs and Corelle lunch plates.  The mugs were .29ea and the plates were .79ea.  You can find out if your dinnerware is lead free (careful, some levels of lead are low enough to be labeled lead free but are still toxic) by doing research online.  Ever since Ella was little and had a slightly elevated lead level when we were renovating the kitchen (sandblasting old paint = lead in the air) I've become educated on where lead hides.  Most dinnerware contains lead - the more colorful your dinnerware the more likelihood it contains lead and if it is from Asia it almost certainly does...ah, another post for another time...

Aiden couldn't find any clothing he liked so he settled on a .79 book on how to watercolor, which was fine by me.  Not bad for an hour out of our morning before heading to the zoo, eh?


Anonymous said...

Those cloth diapers sure were a find! Do you already cloth diaper? I'd love to see a post on it if you do. I am such a fan of cloth diapers. We are using Alva Baby diapers (they are cuter than the pictures look on the website and there really is no catch to how cheap they are ... except of course that cheap labor produced them) and prefolds.

Bonnie said...

Be thankful you have thrift stores with such good deals! I seem to live in a thrifting black-hole, and they want $5 for things better suited for the rag-bag (the fact that most of the thrift stores around here are in poorer areas doesn't help)
What wonderful finds, and I love the idea of giving the children a bit of money to pick their own clothes!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Fabulous finds! Awesome things...Land's End shoes...Gap black velvet dress....You're good!


Joy said...

You're really making me want to dash out to the thrift store right now! :)

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Such great finds! I'm impressed!! Those prices are great. Was it a 1/2 off day?

Anonymous said...

Great Job!!! I am with Bonnie.. the prices seemed to have gone up around here too..
I love thrift stores.. and I have no problem using them..BUT I do draw the line at certain things I will not buy used.. underwear, bathing suits and shoes..

Sue in NJ

Mary Ann said...

What great finds! We shop thrift for clothing almost exclusively now-- I got 4 much needed tops for me a few weeks ago, all in my colors.:-) Included brands were Gap, Christopher Banks and Eddie Bauer. The price of 4 shirts was probably less than one of those at regular retail!

Me said...

Peachysudweeks, yes, I have cloth diapered for the last three kiddos and plan on continuing - and it is a great idea for a post!
Bonnie, I do have to travel a bit to get to the nicer thrift stores. This one is 40minutes from our house but worth a drive a few times a year. Love your baby belly pic on your comment!
Deanna, such fun finds!
Joy - yay! Catch the thrifting bug!

Anonymous said...

Great finds! How do you know the vintage mugs don't have lead in them?

Me said...

Anonymous, I don't buy anything unless I know it was/is made lead free. Since there are very few brands of dishes that are lead free, I know off the top of my head which ones are safe. :)

Theresa said...

Wow....great deals. I love thrift shopping. You clearly have a knack for it.

By the way..your blog is a breath of fresh air. Love reading it.