Tuesday, July 10

When some days are hard

What to do when the days are long
and hard
and kids are fighting about the silliest things
And Sanity is nowhere to be find,
run off with Peace and Quiet, obviously.

What to do when the to-do list for vacation
is literally five pages long
and your head is in a vice
the chiro is on vacation
and whiplash sucks

100_5963 Some days are just about survival
and learning
to love in the midst of pain
and quelling little spirits into calm,
urging Peace back indoors
from where she's fled

Some days having grace
is just about
what needs to be done
and keeping your mouth shut
to keep the uglies in

And protecting little hearts
from your own sin
while uttering
pleading heart prayers
to Him
who always hears.
(Photos are from a *maybe* farm we've looked at.  *Maybe* as we're waiting to see whether God holds open or closes this door.)


Mrs. Mike and kids said...

looks beautiful! Praying you feel better.

amy said...

oh yes. i love this hannah. and really needed to read it today. thank you.

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

This is my today. Praying for His grace for us both. (beautiful farm!!!)

~Kristin~ said...

May God bring you that peace...and the farm, too.


Anonymous said...

Hannah, thank you for posting. I've had many days like this lately, sickness, kids fighting, husband dealing with issues that are affecting me, this post is a nice thing to read right now, thank you

Corinna said...

I so appreciate you being 'real' on your blog. Writing like this shows who you really are, or at least working on being - that person who searches for the beauty, joy and good in the midst of whatever the day brings. That is so encouraging to all who read it.

Vicki said...

That is a beautiful farm!