Saturday, July 21

Weekly Menu

The makings of our weekly menu, not quite finished yet:

Sunday am -
lunch - fresh corn and tomato salad
dinner -

Monday am - blackberry almond bread pudding
lunch - applesauce, melted cheese on ricecakes, carrot sticks
dinner - Beef and broccoli over white rice

Tuesday am - cereal
lunch - beef and broccoli leftovers, popcorn
midwife appointment
dinner - pepperoni pizza, salad

Wed am - carrot muffins
lunch - yogurt w granola, ginger cookies
Sean's app
dinner - Emily's salmon over brown rice, asian slaw salad, black berry mint tea

Thurs am - rice pudding
lunch - pineapple cheese balls, crackers, carrot sticks
dinner - German potato salad, hamburgers with Grandma Johnson's sauce, peanut butter brownies

Friday am -
Sean's Birthday!!!!
lunch - pepperoni pizza bites
dinner - steak, twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, raspberry lemonade and coconut cream pie

Sat am - raspberry dark chocolate banana pancakes
lunch - broccoli salad
dinner -

broccoli x2
pepperoni x 2
cream cheese x2
green onion
mini peanut butter cups
gf vanilla cookies
white rice
corn starch


Pam... said...

It sounds yummy. Oh, a midwife appointment! How fun.

I am a midwife. Always wished I had an appointment with one, though. It's always been just my husband delivering--which is cheaper and more private. But still, I missed out on the prayers and special personal touches of a godly midwife. Hope you have that.
God bless.

Pam... said...

Referring to your comment on my blog--
I didn't know that you could use Flickr! Thanks Hannah! I already have an account there, and am comfortable with it. Great.

Annie said...

Hi Hannah,
The Blueberry Almond pudding looks delicious -- what will you use in place of the eggy bread? Assuming you're still off gluten.