Wednesday, July 18

A day in NC

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On the beach, typing while Sean and the oldest two fished and caught more little sharks before heading down to Fort Macon and exploring this very cool site with our little history buffs.  After that, we headed to New Bern, where my grandparents had retired and I had first visited from the cold north when I was six years old.  I went through albums taking photos of photos, smiling at how much my Dad and our Chase look alike at age four and loving the loveliness of my Grandma.  We went through Grandma's purses in every color of the rainbow, an organizer with vintage leather gloves and hankerchiefs and I tucked away little treasures for home, as the house is now being emptied.  I imagine Grandma would just love us chit-chatting over her things and talking about the happy memories attached to them.


Julian said...

My grams passed away a few months ago. We went out of town for her funeral. Im deeply sorry for your loss,and can sympathize. I not only lost my grandmother, I lost my friend. We had many, many happy memories,and I know I will see her again in heaven. It just makes you realize more and more that people and family are most important. Not stuff.

Blondee said...

Your Grandmother was stunning and I see so much of her face in yours. It's a bittersweet salve for the heart to have to clean a loved ones life out of a house. So many memories and stories, treasures and questions. I am sorry for your loss, may you always find comfort in your memories and your faith.

Anonymous said...

Your grandma was so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your grandma was so pretty!

Unknown said...

My Grandmother passed away a few years ago and she is still missed...the memories we shared the inspiration she gave, the support she offered. It's so nice to relive the special moments that influenced our days (:

Michele xoxo
The Homesteading Cottage

Alison said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. We just returned from traveling to Colorado to celebrate my Grandma's life as she recently passed away as well. Such a bittersweet time. Love the picture of your Grandmother - so beautiful! I love those old pictures! The NC coast is my favorite - we live in VA and try to go there a few times a year. Enjoy this relaxing week with your family and enjoy the ocean.