Monday, July 2

1 Week in 7 Photos

17 wks bump Addie and the papa, out for the count. This gardener -1, Squash bugs -0 Oldest girlie and youngest girlie at the grandparents. Pinterest inspired manicure Redneck slip n slide
Pinterest idea + $23 = more sanity for me
1. Baby Bump Belly 2.The Papa and his Addie-girl out for the count. He loves on her so well.  3.Squash bug eggs to flush 4.A fun manicure 5.Oldest and youngest girlies at the great-grandparents 6.Homemade slip n' slide 7.A better place for laundry sorting


Michelle H said...

We do the slip n slide tarp, too. On an out of the blue hot spring day, before wading pools were available in the stores, my 17 year old rigged up what she dubbed the "white trash wading pool". She bunched up the corners of the tarp and tied them between swing set poles. My husband and I were a little mortified at how it looked, but the kids loved it and were smart enough to not care how it looked! It did come down at the end of the day, heehee.

Myra said...

Amazed at your ability to do it all with 6 and one on the way. I have 4 and it's a challenge.

Unknown said...

Love all of these pictures!

Such a great idea for sorting laundry too!

Anonymous said...

#1= excited for you!