Sunday, June 10

Weekly Menu

Monday am - oat groats with brown sugar, tea
lunch - celery w/ p. butter, burritos, orange slices
dinner - tomato and fresh mozz salad with garden lettuce, steamed snowpeas from the garden,

Tuesday am - muesli or granola with fruit and milk
lunch - brown rice with soy sauce and a fried egg
chiro appointment
dinner- Twice baked potatoes, steak, home-canned green beans

Wednesday am- scones with jam, tea
lunch- peanut butter and jelly
dinner - summer corncakes with avacado salsa

Thursday am - breakfast cookies, smoothies
chiro appointment
lunch- sweet and sour meatballs
midwife appointment
dinner- mac and cheese for kiddos, watermelon

Friday am-scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, fruit
lunch- fried rice
dinner- layered cornbread salad, frozen strawberry yogurt pie

Saturday am- pancakes, smoothies
snack - cheese slices, carrot sticks with dip, fresh peas
dinner- macaroni and beef casserole

Sunday am- fried dough, fresh fruit salad
dinner- beef roast with veggies, perfect summer drink via pinterest

mac and cheese
green onion
gf pasta
sour cream
frozen corn


AKA Jane Random said...

What's a summer corncake? Sounds delicious!

Marcia said...

please the recipe for summer corn cakes with avacado salsa?

Me said...

Here is teh recipe for the summer corncakes. I haven't tried them yet but they look yummy!

pam said...

Copied your lovely menu here. I'm trying to do simple and healthy but it is so hard with 9 children at home. Oops, just 7 until the end of August as two are out of town with sis working.

Hope you don't mind my borrowings?