Monday, June 4

on the atmosphere of home

100_5576 May came in with a bang, oh so literally, as I crashed our van full of kiddos into a truck that pulled out in front of me suddenly and May ended with a crash - Aiden, falling off the zipline and landing on his wrist in not a good way, now casted in neon, squint-your-eyes orange, his favorite color.
More than ever
and it is always so
home and the atmosphere here has been hard on my heart. 100_5625
How it needs to be a place of
My husband laughs when I'm tired and start to clean and he tells me to take it easy, but the elves have the night off, and I know, wiped clean counters, the bags for the thrift store loaded up into the van, brings peace to the eyes when mess doesn't greet them each morning;
that to-do lists for each child for the day ahead, including chores and fun
make the day more enjoyable and joy-filled for all. 100_5579
And what to put on the menu, as needs for our family change once again and dairy is a goner, at least for a season?
With a critical eye I look.
What is the atmosphere of this room? 100_5578
Of our home?
What is the atmosphere of my heart on these craze-filled days
of chiropractor appointments and seeing the midwife an hour away and getting Sean to a new doctor
who has sense as well as medical wisdom, and shuffling cars and vehicles while the van is slowly repaired and birthday celebrations and other obligations come and go and fill May to over-satiated-ness.
How I crave stillness
and calm.

"Come to Me, all you who are weary and broken and I will give you rest."
I watercolor in the words and hang it with the kid's artwork on the dining room wall.  Something worth remembering often.


Lindsay said...

Exactly what I needed to hear. Life has been very hard lately, but I need to work harder at being the wife, mom, and woman I'm supposed to be.

Susan said...

Lovely post. Thank you for the reminders of striving to create peace, to actively plan for it and to pursue it in the midst of chaos. I can so much identify with this!

Jackie said...

wonderful post, exactly what i needed to hear. Life has been stressful here too...all day sickness, exhaustion...a fall that injured my back. my midwife is also an hour away, and my first appt on this coming weds has me anxiously awaiting to see if I am in the process of miscarrying our baby, or if I will see a baby and heartbeat on the monitor. Thank for the reminders that my mood and tone set the mood and tone for our home. Mine has not been well these past few weeks, and I see it affecting my children as well. I truly need to remember that God is in control and I shouldn't mope around worrying and slacking on my duties. I think I will get off of here and go tackle the pile of stuff from our homeschool convention this past weekend that is piled across my kitchen counter..