Sunday, May 20

Weekly Gluten Free Menu

Monday am - smoothies, scrambled eggs
lunch - Greek spaghetti
dinner - sweet potatoes, cornish hens with coconut curry sauce
Make pickled eggs

Tuesday am - cereal
lunch - yogurt with honey and granola
dinner - Spanish rice, cheese quesadillas

Wednesday am - fresh melon, almond smoothies
lunch - mac and cheese, popsicles
dinner - haddock with roasted pineapple mango sauce, mixed veggies

Thursday am - scones, melon
lunch - pasta salad, ice cream
dinner - rice cooked in black beans, pork roast

Friday am - corn pancakes with honey
lunch - pasta salad
dinner - leftovers

Saturday am- coconut flour waffles
lunch- egg salad, crackers, cheese slices
dinner- homemade pepperoni pizza

Sunday am- Deluxe Sunday morning coffeecake, iced coffee
dinner- beef stew with dumplings

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Darcy Carmichael said...

I'm new on the journey of gluten free cooking. What is Greek spaghetti?