Monday, May 14

Wait No More book review

I'll begin by saying that I really enjoyed reading the story of how God grew the Rosati family through fostering and adoption.  It is an amazing and beautiful story that should be shared as an encouragement and prompt for pursuing adoption, especially through the foster care system.
I do believe a word of caution should have been shared within its pages that very few families are so quickly grown through the foster care system.  I say this as a licensed foster parent in NYS and knowing the stories of many other foster families who wait years and years to be able to adopt just one child.  The foster care system in our country is broken.  Children are returned to unfit homes and atrocious environments all the time because blood relationship is more important than love, quality of life, or safety.
All that said, it is a lovely book worth reading.
I was sent this book by the publisher and in no way does that influence my review.

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