Friday, May 25

A Perfect Friday Afternoon

Sean called mid-morning to say he'd be done with his work and home by two.  We were all thrilled at the prospect of an afternoon with him because he's been swamped with work lately - a good problem to have when one is the business owner - and working like crazy to get it all done.
Pock chops brining for dinner later on and snacks packed, we took the scenic route to the lake.  This, my friends, is where I sat for the better part of the afternoon, toes dug into the warm slate beach, kiddos fishing, Addie scouting the picnic table for more food, a good book and journal, warm breeze blowing and making the lake choppy - a beautiful afternoon.:








Blondee said...

It was a spectacular day...looks like your family made the most of it, too!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It was a perfect afternoon!

My husband has been working a lot lately too, and has a few days off this weekend! So excited!


Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful family outing. We, too, spent part of this Friday at out own favorite lake here in NC. It's also out in the woods, perfect for swimming, and very beautiful.

allisamazing said...

Oh, what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Me said...

Blondee, hope you were able to enjoy the stellar day too!
Deanna, isn't it so nice when someone we love is HOME!!!
Sarah, sounds so lovely. I love NC. We're headed there later this summer for a celebration of life ceremony for my grands who both passed away. I am so looking forward to it.
Alli, it was a beautiful, beautiful afternoon - I was so blessed by the peace of it.

Transformations said...

I love the photo of Anneliese writing in her journal! Even with modern day dress, it reminds me of something mid-19th century!