Wednesday, May 23


The dreaded day is in sight, outgrowing our minivan and having to venture into the world of abnormally sized vehicles!  A few friends have mentioned this to me, and I groan.  My husband groans worse than I do.  Driving a bus around has never been an aspiration of ours, though we're certainly glad for the reason we soon will be.
All this vehicle uncomfortableness has had me thinking on other things that have made me uncomfortable or things I've tried to avoid over the years at all costs.  Here were the biggies for me and perhaps you can think along about yours:
~Having to first go from a car to a minivan - something about the whole soccer mom in sweats appearance that was tied to minivans in all the commercials.  I still don't own a pair of sweats but I love driving our van.
~Trying hard for years to *not* look like a mother, not wanting to have to surrender my figure to motherhood or somehow wanting to show others that I was still sexy for my husband.  Short shorts, bikinis, mini skirts... I would have looked at myself now and laughed but now I look back and cringe. Young moms, sexy is for your husband, lovely is for the rest of the world. Save the sexy for him.
~ Looking tired in public.  I still hate it when someone comments in front of my kids that I look exhausted because I don't want my kids to ever feel that my job is too difficult or tiring.  Right now, growing a babe, 20 minute afternoon siestas are just the thing.  No caffeine, lots of water and protein for breakfast also help.
What about you?  What has changed in you because of motherhood?


Homestead Living said...

"Sexy is for your husband, lovely for the rest of the world." Love this!!! God has really changed this is me as well. In fact I just recently wrote a 2 part post on Why I Wear Skirts. Of Course it's not the skirts in and of itself, but the work the Lord has done in my heart.
Congratulations on baby number 7. Praising God with you! :) said...

Yes, I can relate. I was perplexed when we got the 12 passenger van. But actually, it handles really nicely, smells nice (as opposed to that old locker room smelling van we had!!) and the air even works!

I like what you said, and have never heard it. "Young moms, sexy is for your husband, lovely is for the rest of the world." Very good advice.

Yes, people now say I look tired. I feel like saying, "Well I got enough sleep so I guess you just mean I look old!"

The hardest thing for me, which I have laid down at the Lord's feet, is being at the end of the season of bearing children. After 27 years of it's wonder, and I'm the type who love it. I also midwife, so I am around it. But I must count blessings as at 48 and after bearing 13 (+ 3 miscarriages) I can only praise God.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

The Lord has used motherhood to soften me, to help me learn to be a servant to others, to teach me about selflessness, tenderness,

I have learned to not care what the world husband and my children love me - that is enough!


Anonymous said...

Do I detect a congrats in order here ????????????

Tanya said...

I agree with you. I felt for years I still had to prove I was *sexy*..I went so far as to have plastic surgery! Since then, I've changed alot and realize my errors(even reversing the plastic surgery). My husband thinks I'm beautiful for the way I am, not for someone I was trying to be.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! At least you have a great reason behind having to look into a larger vehicle-children are priceless. I have struggled two late miscarriages 18 & 20 weeks, and lost twins at 10 weeks. I am blessed to have my 7 and 2 year old, and hopeful that someday we will be blessed with more! Congrats again-I am so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you-and you have the greatest reason to be searching for that larger vehicle...children are such a gift from God. I myself am blessed with a 7 and 2 year old, and have lost 4 in my womb-so enjoy this special time. Congrats again I am so happy for you.

Googs said...

It is interesting the changes and growth we see in ourselves from the "young mom" stage. The vehicle is a big change, but unlike you I just could NOT do the minivan. I don't think anything is wrong with them, my parents had one, but for me it just wasn't the next move. We went with an SUV that can fit a large family, because we knew that was on the horizon. Another big change, when I find myself with a few extra dollars, I don't think about something for myself, but what my kiddos need.

Congrats of the new addition! God bless you.

Nic said...

We just recently moved up to the "mega-van" and I LOVE it. I thought I would loathe it but it has been a real pleasure having all the space. We had many in car seats and now they aren't all crammed like sardines! Parking (heading in) is actually easier because of the short front end. Backing up takes some getting used to but it really isn't half as a bad as I had thought it would be. The gas mileage is (in my mind) the only drawback. I would, however, recommend the sliding doors (instead of fold outs) on the Chevy or GMC. We have a 06 GMC 12 passenger.
Nic @

Laura said...

Hannah I have been reading your blog since before I had kids 5 years ago and I an contstantly thanking God for your steady example of faithfulness in the roles he has given you as wife and mama. I truly see the proverbs 31 in your life and goodness am I thankful to learn from you and see God at work in your family, I remember when my husband I were first married I was a new nurse and we were talking about having children and I happened to come across your blog and immediately felt a connection with you. Still do all these years later! So excited for you on number 7, praying God continues to pour out blessing on your family!

Sarah M. said...

We outgrew our minivan almost 2 years ago and not having the means to upgrade...we went without. But when we bought up a few months ago, we did buy a bus...for real. We have 5 of our own and 2 foster kids and we bought a short bus. Its a little crazy but really fun and will be fantastic for when we go camping. One get free parking at places where you normally pay...because busses park free ;) The gas mileage is terrible but we don't take long trips often and the memories we hope to build will be worth it!
Congrats on your new little one.

Momma Bug said...

Mmm... Well spoken friend.

I don't know if this has to do directly with motherhood, but I know the change in me has occurred through this season of bearing and raising children.
I think I have a new appreciation for all other mommas. I love it when another woman has a hot button and is passionate about it ~ even if it's not my area of interest. I love that Jesus' blood and resurrection is the common bond between so many of us - not what denomination, homeschool style,or dress code we are each convicted to implement.
Do you love Jesus? You do? Then we have the most important thing in common! What a joy to see the diversity displayed in the mothering body of Christ! So fun, so encouraging, so refreshing :-)

All these things keep bringing me back to haunt your blog Hannah. I see Jesus and that's the sparkling attraction!

Love to you, Congratulations on your big vehicle move up :-)
My AJ said he'd buy me any car I want when we get the children grown through the van. Love that fella~

Me said...

Jennie, I loved your post on feminine dress - well written and explained. :)

Pam, what a beautiful large family you've been raising!

Deanna, that is so true. I care much less about what people other than my husband and kids think because my work is to bless the Lord and bless them through this. Something so nice about keeping our eyes on Jesus in every aspect of life and mothering.

Anonymous - yes! A few posts down I linked to a cute video telling the news!

Tanya, what a beautiful testimony! One thing I always appreciated about the plastic surgeon I worked for was before a cosmetic surgery, he would always find out the motivation of the person wanting the surgery and didn't hesitate to tell them that trying to look sexier to keep a man wouldn't work.

Our Little Schoolroom, my heart goes out to you for the loss of your babies. What a hard thing. Hugs and prayers your way. If I could spread the fertility around - I would! But I know a miracle working God and I have prayed and believed for babies for families and seen them come.

Googs, thank yiu for the congrats. We also bought a used Suburban and I definitely liked driving a SUV over the van, mostly because I was up higher as I drove.

Nic, thanks for the advice on the doors and I'll take your word on it that it'll be nice! :)

Laura, you're so sweet - thank you so much for the kind wishes. :)

Sarah, I love that you have a real bus. I have tried to talk Sean into converting something fun - like an icecream truck.

Momma Bug - well said! The tie of Jesus has united my heart with other mamas who all worship in different ways/places. That and our love of kids and home. I told Sean that since we need a bus now, we ought to have a "date car" for just the two of us. Of course, this is a totally extravegant and ridiculous suggestion, but fun to imagine. I even suggested a vintage truck since we could kill two birds with one stone that way! Ha!
Blessings to you all, have a beautiful night,

mama said...

what has changed in me because of motherhood? I recently realized that before I was a mother I saved the sensible panties for laundry day, prefering instead to wear the sexy ones. Now it's opposite. The sexy panties only come out of the drawer when I get reallllly behind on laundry. So thankful that my husband doesn't care about that kind of thing and is a fan of ponytails!

Alison said...

Congrats, congrats! So excited for your newest blessing! And what a good reason to have to move up from the minivan. I adore my minivan - I used to think I was so cool, but I had no issue getting the van for my littles as it is so much more convenient for children. Before I had kids, I definitely wanted to draw attention to myself. I didn't dress immodestly, but always wanted to look good, hot, beautiful, stylish - you name it. Now, my youthful figure has changed since bearing children, and since I am a full-time Mama, I don't have the money to spend on buying clothes for myself or getting my hair cut, or new make-up, or any of those types of things. I find it really relieving to not care what others think about my appearance. It wasn't just men, but I wanted to dress a certain way to impress women. One of things I don't care for about certain churches is the constant need to keep hip and stylish. Now, I am content with myself, what I look like, and in being a mother. It has been the greatest blessing God has given me (besides my husband). Praying for more little blessings, too! :) Be blessed, Hannah!

Jen said...

Congratulations Hannah! So happy for you. I will be praying for you and baby. What a blessing.