Monday, April 9

Weekly Menu

Mon am- scrambled eggs, toast, smoothies
lunch- rice cakes with melted cheese, muddy buddies, fruit
dinner- fish cakes, beet salad with goat cheese, choc. milk
Tues am- orange cranberry scones, coffee and tea
lunch- carrot salad, muddy buddies
Bake macaroons
dinner- spinach salad with bacon dressing, brown rice, stir fried asparagus and beans w/ fish sauce, lime, ginger, onion, garlic and chiles,
Wed am- cereal with fruit
lunch- celery and p.butter, sliced cheese, macaroons
dinner- chili and cornbread
Thurs am- breakfast cookies, coffee or tea
lunch- miso soup
dinner- Greek spaghetti, Italian greens
Friday am- oat groats
lunch- brown rice with soy sauce, orange slices, scrambled egg
dinner- broccoli cheddar soup,
Sat am- German pancakes
lunch/dinner- beef stroganoff
Grocery List:
fresh spinach
green or yellow beans
Gf pasta
GF soy sauce
sour cream

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