Sunday, April 29

Weekly GF Menu

I'm feeling completely uninspired for meal planning this week, but I know that if I don't do menu planning, I'll be floundering for the next seven days.  Grabbing from my pins on pinterest, epicurious, and Free Eaters, here's what I've come up with:

Monday am - cereal with bananas
lunch - mac and cheese, oranges, raisins
dinner - wild caught Haddock w/ charmoula sauce

Tuesday am - green smoothies, oat groats
lunch - Paige's rice salad
dinner - crepes with ginger/soy ground beef and bean sprouts, rice

Wednesday am - rice pudding
lunch - Hawaiian Cole slaw
dinner -bacon swiss burgers, green beans

Thursday am - breakfast casserole
lunch - yogurt with honig and granola
make choc. chip cookies
dinner - Pioneer Woman's sesame noodles, steak

Friday am - Individual Peach pancakes
lunch- carrot salad, cornbread
snack - choc. chip cookies, milk
dinner - Five Guys!

Sat am - pancakes
lunch - grilled cheese, carrots sticks
dinner - Chase's BIRTHDAY dinner!!! mac and cheese, tomato and mozz. salad, apple pie

Sunday am- coffee cake, iced decaf coffees, fresh fruit
dinner- cheesy potatoes, beef burgundy

Grocery Shop:
fresh tomatoes
bean sprouts
swiss cheese
rice noodles
hash browns
sour cream
fresh mozz.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing your recipes. Oh, I do need to get the meal planning down, so I'm not floundering either :)
We eat gluten free and I so enjoy some of the recipes you've shared. I'll check out the highlighted ones here, too~