Sunday, April 22

Weekly GF Menu

Weekly Menu

Sunday am - yogurt pancakes
snack - nachos and salsa
dinner - scallion meatballs with soy ginger glaze, rice noodles, Thai iced coffee

Monday am - carrot muffins, smoothies
lunch - BBQ venison over rice
dinner - refried bean enchiladas

Tuesday am - rice pudding, fresh pineapple
lunch - burritos, carrot sticks
dinner - broccoli bacon salad, marinated venison steaks

Wednesday am - PW breakfast bowls
lunch- potatoes, hotdogs
dinner - poached eggs over polenta with olive herb pesto

Thursday am - oatmeal smoothies
lunch- hard cooked eggs, orange slices
dinner - mashed potatoes,

Friday am - scones, orange julius
lunch- pasta salad
dinner - pepperoni pizza, salad

Saturday am - pancakes
snack -chips and salsa, cheese and homemade salami slices
dinner - grilled cheese,

Grocery List:
sour cream
cottage cheese
pinto beans x3
corn tortillas
fresh broccoli
fresh organic spinach
ground turkey
honey Greek yogurt
1/2 and 1/2

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