Monday, April 2



She loves creepy-crawlies and running barefoot and dressing in wild, bright as the sun colors. We were DONE having kids, you know, that one late summer morning on a drive to bring Aiden to yet another kidney yuck appointment (VCUG) when a thought passed that I should probably play it safe and not be in the x-ray room that day. "Really?" Sean said, surprised at the thought. And I said, oh, it's probably nothing....

So glad she broke the train of thought of having no more children. I cannot imagine life without her or the siblings that followed her. Sometimes fear makes us act in a way untrusting toward God, unintentionally so. Sometimes God lets us have our way and live on the safe side. Sometimes He doesn't. I'm so glad He interuppted our plans to play it safe.

(for new readers: our 3rd child was born with grade 4 & 5 kidney reflux and had two operations before he was 18mos. He is doing fabulous with one pretty lousy kidney and one pretty good one. We have always been told that future children have a 40% chance of this same issue. If this had showed up in our first child, the rate of repeat would have been 90%. It isn't thought to be genetic and no one knows what causes this deformity which was first found at my 16 wk ultrasound)


Nic said...

This touched my we too were "done" having babies after number 5.....we are due with #6 in September! It is weighting on my heart and convictions lately on what we will be doing afterward....I feel God pushing us to be responsible but trust. It is funny (yet completely reasonable) how the more we grow in faith the more faith we are expected to show.

The Joys of Family and Hearth. said...

It's amazing how God uses us...even when we've lost trust in him.