Monday, April 9


I spent Sean's day off on Friday in bed huddled and weak with a fever. Oh, not lovely! Not the way I wished to spend an extra day with Sean, or any day for that matter. (smile)
Saturday was a bit better, fever gone but house to be cleaned and laundry to be done. Sean is wonderful and kept the kids alive and fed but domesticity is not his fortay. The youngest with his head of cow-licks desperately needed a buzz, which you'll see below.
In doing laundry and catching up, we found out the washer pump wasn't working and so after exhausting all means of repair we could on our own, I finished off Easter by emptying four loads of wash by hand so I could get them done until the washer repairman comes on Tuesday. Ahhh....real life.
Needless to say, we laid low on Easter, a beautiful church service and then home by ourselves.
A bonfire watching cozy under quilts, kids racing in the yard for candy, a few rows hoed with telephone beans planted, a venison roast and a bit of energy to turn up the music, have a happy heart and get things ready for Monday morning.


Nurturing Faith and Family said...

beautiful pictures! sorry about your washer, that happened with ours last week! i had to wring the clothes over a garden planter and toss them into the dryer..and take the diapers over to my neighobors to re-wash...that was my last try at the washer! the washer never would drain or go into the spin cycle. do you have a front load? the repair man spent 3 minutes taking off the bottom front, turning this white piece to the pump,taking it off, and pulling out 3 inserts to our dog's diapers...easy fix! wish i had known!

good luck with yours, hope it is an easy fix too!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Beautiful photos...your children have amazing eyes!

Glad you were better for Easter!


Unknown said...

gorgeous photos! What is the editing "wash" or technique you used? :)

Lindsay said...

Beautiful kids. Your littlest guy makes me want to squeeze him. The look on his face reminds me of one of mine!

Me said...

Hi Jackie! We do have a front load and I love it, even for cloth diapers. The repairman came yesterday and tok the entire thing apart but had to order a new pump so no washing machine until Friday. The pile grows ominously... I thought for sure there would have been some kid-thing stuck in it, but amazingly, no. :)

Me said...

Thanks, Lindsay. :) I squeeze them often!

Me said...

They Call me Mommy, I use one of the Pioneer Woman's free photoshop actions called Seventies and then majorly mess around with it after it's gone through that. If you have photoshop, her actions are nice to download.
Thanks, Mrs. Rabe. They've mostly got their papa's blue eyes. :)

Nurturing Faith and Family said...

wow! that is surprising! Glad to hear it will be fixed today though :) I'm sure your laundry is piling up with all the kids, I only have 3 (possibly 4th on the way!) and do ALOT of laundry :)


Zach & Jen said...

I have shown this picture of your youngest little girl to several people (grandparents included) because she looks SO much like one of our little girls. My husband was the ONLY one I didn't have to convince it was not a picture of our Trinity :). I think they are about the same age (Trinity's DOB is 09/06/2010). It even astounds me at how much they look alike! Same blonde hair, big blue eyes, cheeks, nose, lips...even the facial expression! They could pass for twins. But here is the real kicker....Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure it was your blog that I read, probably about a year ago, talking about how your little one nursed with her leg up, like foot on your shoulder kinda position. I remember thinking "WOW, thats crazy because Trinity does the SAME thing!" People laughed when I nursed Trinity because there would be this random foot sticking out of the top of my nursing cover resting on my shoulder. I think it is crazy that they look so much alike and had the same nursing habit :)

So, Just a random bit of info I thought I would pass along :)