Sunday, March 25

Weekly Menu

Mon am- cream of buckwheat, halved grapefruit
lunch- Greek yogurt with honey, carrot sticks, Irish soda bread
dinner- fish tacos with slaw and cilantro lime rice

Tues am- oatmeal smoothies
lunch- rice cakes with melted cheese, apple slices, popped corn
dinner- tomato and fresh mozz. salad, creamy quiches

Wed am- cereal with peach slices
lunch- BLT pasta salad, oranges, juice
dinner - Emily's salmon, green beans

Thurs am- fresh pineapple, breakfast cookies
lunch- French fries, baked breaded mozz,
dinner- broccoli bacon salad, gf macaroni and cheese casserole, pear tart

Fri am- cranberry scones, chocolate milk
lunch- Paige's brown rice salad
dinner- Pizza night, homemade gf pizzas, salad

Sat am- pancakes
lunch- sandwiches, pickles, nachos and salsa
dinner- pasta w/ artichokes and homemade sausage

Sun am- cereal, fruit
lunch- slow baked spicy beef over polenta

Shopping List:

salmon, fresh mozz, cilantro, lettuce

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