Sunday, March 11

Weekly Menu

Mon am - omelet with ham and mushrooms, kefir smoothies
lunch - chicken salad, chocolate milk, raisins
dinner - gf pizzas

Tues am - yogurt berry smoothies, fresh pineapple, cereal
lunch -celery and peanut butter, salsa and nachos, cheese slices
dinner - steaks, cheesecake, salad, brown rice salad

Wed am - canteloupe, pancakes
lunch - black bean and rice salad, granola bars
dinner - beef stew and polenta

Thurs am - eggs with cream, beet greens and ham
lunch- yogurt w granola, apple slices w peanut butter
dinner - smoked salmon chowder

Friday am - cranberry scones, kefir smoothies
lunch- cheese melted on rice cakes, carrot sticks
dinner - pb&jelly sandwiches, mint oreo cookie sundays

Sat am- carrot muffins with green cream cheese frosting
lunch- gf Irish soda bread, breaded Haddock, cabbage salad

Shopping List:
half & half
neuchatel cheese x3
packg frozen corn

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