Saturday, March 17

On Children's Music

The kids (and I!) have a new favorite pandora station, (Kira Willey - in case my link doesn't work)where we've learned all sorts of new songs and have been having a fabulous time discovering new musicians. It is our favorite station to play while we're cleaning up after breakfast and even Addie sings along now, sometimes insisting that we sing "Honey Baby" to her. Anyway, what a far cry and wonderful relief, this music is from what was available when I was small! Next I'll share some of our favorite children's inspirational music, but in the mean time, do you have any favorite children's songs or music to share with us?


Shelley Q said...

Having spring cleaning fever right now. So much to do because with a new baby in the house I've gotten a bit backed up. This station cured the fussy baby blues and kept my four year old content as well, so I could organize my container cabinet and shine my sink! An album we enjoy is Ziggy Marley's "family time", featuring other greats like Willie Nelson and Paul Simon.

SuperNaturalRunner said...

We love Elizabeth Mitchell on pandora and especially the album she did with Lisa Loeb. It's very folky and I appreciate preserving older tunes that our parents sang as kids.

Chinamama4 said...

Proving that kids can (and should) listen to GOOD music - not all that junk that's put out for them!
Thanks for the new Pandora station idea! My kids were getting a little tired of my Bela Fleck/Edgar Meyer station... :)