Sunday, March 4






No worries - all washable.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Fun times!

Your little one really enjoyed herself!


Anonymous said...

LOL I Love the last pic.. looks like you could have filmed a horror movie !!!!!!

Ah for the kids to be that little again !

Sue in NJ

SuperNaturalRunner said...

I love this! It is something I picture for my children when they're older but I know that my super clean self is going to have to back off to allow fun and creativity in our home!
I always say when you become a mother God gives you superpowers for that season. With one little one, you have a small bag of superpowers, with 5 Littles you have a ton of superpowers and when they become teens God has given you almost the whole lot of superpowers you will need in your mothering career. I am at the Toddler/Newborn stage and as I enter the older toddler mothering, one superpower I expect to receive is STAIN REMOVAL! Maybe you could do a post sometime on how you battle all those paint/play/farm stains. We would all appreciate it so.

4 Sisters said...

Love this! Yay for beautiful colors and washableness! :)