Friday, March 2

Chicken Pox

The Pox

Oatmeal and baking soda baths,bubbles, new playdough, watercolors, netflix movies, knitted blankets and quilts piled on the sofas, homemade lemonade, funny read alouds, calmine lotion, benadryl, Aveeno cream - the makings of our week with chicken pox. All but two of the six have it. They are doing just awesome! So proud of them!


Unknown said...

Our oldest boys had chicken pox when our daughter was a couple of weeks old, and she ended up breaking out a week later. They all did great. Now we need to find a way for our fourth to get them over with!

Anonymous said...

Oh lucky you.. I wished my kids got this before they started school. The state makes them get the shot to prevent it. I held out as long as I could.
Sue in NJ

mira said...

yay for getting it over with now instead of a few years from now!

Blondee said...

Not even chicken pox can take away the cute of that sweet little face.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Homestead Living said...

It's so hard to find children with the chicken pox around our area. We thought we had them a few weeks ago and had several mothers calling to see if they could be close friends with us for a day. It ended up being poison ivy from carrying in the fire wood. This sounds like a good time of year to have them.