Tuesday, February 7






The sun was out yesterday - a blaring, no-shame or timidity kind of sun shining. Balm for the soul, good for what ails you, wrapping earth in bright blue and us as we walked. Well, Chase and I walked and the rest took advantage of dry roads to take out bikes and scooters and, before the question is posed, yes, my kids should be wearing helmets. Somehow styrofoam helmets are Bear's (our black lab) favorite chew toy. I've lost count on how many she's annihilated and so helmet shopping becomes a regular spring activity and I'm thrilled over the moon when I find them intact at the thrift store.
I cannot believe this is February in New York. So very thankful-hearted for weather veering from the normal.


Unknown said...

I never wore a helmet growing up..and I"M STILL HERE WOO HOOO...yesterday was GOOD...I even found some lettuce growing heads? Purple ones what a mild winter!!! I LOVE SUN!!!

Teri said...

I do understand the whole helmet thing, but I grew up without one and turned out just fine. You're a good mom!

Mary said...

Your blog is refreshing! I keep coming by & taking peeks. May you enjoy all these mellow weather Febuary day's!

Have a Blessed day!
~ Mary ~

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh gorgeous *real* winter weather... nothing like it :)