Friday, February 10

What I wore

I'll be sitting and knitting and entertaining Addie while the other kids iceskate this morning at the indoor rink. Even three year old Chase has teeny-tiny little skates and shuffles around, following the bigger kids with the biggest grin on his face.


I woke up with big hair this morning (scary big) and so I made use of the volume with a huge messy bun. I'm wearing a weird outfit. I don't even know if it works but I'm comfortable. These knit jersey skirts are my version of yoga pants or sweat pants, they are so comfortable, and I have a few in staple colors: black, gray, and navy. This one was $5 at Marshalls. Tabeez navy long-sleeved t-shirt - free from a contest. Earth Mary-Jane shoes many years old but $20 back when I bought them. 1950's wool suit jacket, thrifted, $6 for the suit (skirt and jacket) which I grabbed when I saw it because the robin egg blue is perfect for spring.


amy said...

okay, i've been loving all these what i wore posts and i have to tell you you are killing me! you are just. too. cute. have a great day hannah!

~ Shannon said...

I dfeinitely think it works! :-)

I've been really enjoying your little series -- it's been quite the inspiration!


Teri said...

I love the things you put together, managing to look feminine and fun at the same time!

Bonnie said...

I have those same shoes, in black and brown. For some reason the black fit, but the brown seem a bit small.
They have been worth every penny of $20, having lasted 6+ years and still looking great!
Love the skirt!

Me said...

Thanks, sweet Amy. I *love-love* your new header with those blue eyes and green blanket. How I hear you on wanting to raise kiddos on a farm...
Thanks, Shannon. I always get a small thrill when I see you've posted a new blog post!
Teri, you are too kind! But yes, I think dressing should be fun.

Rebecca said...

Just gotta say, I REALLY love this little What I am Wearing series. Been meaning to tell you for a while.

You totally pull everything off. And I rock big scarves when I nurse too...that has always been my go-to trade secret. I didn't know anyone else had come up with that. You must be a kindred. ;-)

I love your hair and I enjoy seeing how you do with it almost as much as what you wear.

You are lovely.

That's all.

Becky said...

Just darling! But, um, don't your bare legs get a bit chilly? :)

Unknown said...

I don't post comments here often, but I must say, I love your style--so modest, beautiful, and feminine. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to all women. Have a blessed day,


Joy said...

You look lovely, Hannah! I've loved all the outfits you've posted, and also your hair styles.

Thanks for being such an inspiration!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Very nice outfit! The Robin's Egg Blue is lovely on you!


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I think this outfit is adorable...I love all the blues together. And I had to laugh about you waking up with "big hair" hilarious!

Mrs. Rebekah S. said...

I've read here for several months now, but am typically a bit shy of commenting. Lately, I have really enjoyed when you feature what you wore and just had to comment today. IMHO that outfit just really works! I could never, ever think of putting clothes together that way and I'm just amazed. :) I looks lovely and comfortable. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing! I greatly enjoy reading your blog. I find it encouraging and inspiring. All right, popping back into the woodwork now. :)

Janel said...

I'm not a huge jersey fan, but I really like the look of your skirt! I have some knits in my stash, I might just have to whip up a couple. I'm definitely pinning your look. : )

Ways of Zion said...

what brand is the skirt? it looks simply perfect!

ps: your style is amazing!