Thursday, February 2

What I wore

It's a down and dirty cleaning, loud music playing, water color painting, candles lit and smelling lovely sort of day here. Outside it is melty, rainy, no-more-snow and so mopping is off the chore list. No point when puppies and kids will be coming in and out.
Everything I'm wearing (leather boots and belt, L.L. Bean top, Old Navy denim skirt) was thrifted and cost about $10 total. Hairs are up in Heidi braids, out-of-face, and I wore my contacts all day yesterday and so tired eyes need a rest. Silver hoops and rings make up the bling.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, you look lovely.... as do your surroundings. What a picture :)

I *love* the boots... and teamed with that skirt... perfect!

Sarah said...

I love your current "What I Wore" series. Your outfits are feminine without reverting to the baggy, ankle-length dresses and jumpers of the crowd I grew up with. You do a great job!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfits but don't you get cold? I'm always freezing in the winter especially on dreary days and have to wear a sweater every day.

Lindsay said...

I love the " what I wore" posts. I always thought that wearing dresses and skirts would make me look old or frumpy, but you've shown me otherwise. I'm also a young mom of a large brood and I desire to look more feminine, but not old! You inspired me to thrift for some new pieces yesterday and I scored a great pair of boots and a pretty, hip skirt. ;)
Thanks for all your encouraging posts,

Me said...

Hi Anonymous! Sometimes I DO get chilly and then I pile on a thick wool sweater and make sure I have wool socks on. Old houses with wood floors = cold floors. Mostly, though I'm warm. Especially this mild winter. If I'm getting chilly I park myself by one of the stoves (wood & coal) for a bit and knit or do lessons with the kids there.

Thanks, Lindsay, for the kind words. I'm trying to avoid frumpy :)